Blu-ray Review: THE FADES

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Mar 14, 2012, 6:31 PM

Prior to be contacted to review this Blu-ray disc I had never heard of THE FADES.  Had no idea what it was about, where it came from or who the players were.


Man, am I glad that has changed.


THE FADES kicks butt.  A BBC production it really hasn???t gotten much of a following here in the states and that is a damn shame. 


Essentially a ghost story THE FADES tells the tale of Paul who as we meet up with him is struggling through a series of disturbing end of the world dreams. They affect him to the point that he seeks professional help but no one can figure out what the hell is going on.  Is he psychic?  Is he gifted or is he just disturbed?


As if that isn't bad enough, he starts seeing dead folks.   All kinds of dead folks, but they don???t really communicate with him, he just sees them, he know they are there but not all there, they are kind of faded, hence THE FADES.  Things take an interesting and rather violent turn when a particularly pissed off FADE finds a way to cross the barrier between the living and the dead and Paul and his best friend find themselves the only ones standing between THE FADES and the end of mankind.


Season One deals with Paul coming to terms with his ability and figuring out why he???s seeing THE FADES and what they want with him.  Think GHOST WHISPERER on steroids.  This is actually pretty hard-core genre fun that should entertain even the most cynical of horror fans.


Seems that a lot of the better horror programming is coming at us from the folks at BBC.  Gonna have to start checking out BBC America on cable so I can catch Season Two of this really excellent show.


This is another one of those situations where I don't want to go into to much detail about plot and character, as you really need to settle in and experience this show for yourself.  Just take my word for it, it???s worth your time and money and should be embraced by the US horror community.


THE FADES is out on Blu-ray right now so you should most definitely head on out to your favorite DVD haunt and pick this 2 disc set as quickly as you can.


As you would expect, the disc looks and sounds amazing and once you make your way through the first season you???ll want to make sure to check out the special features which include a little ditty called Mac Explains as well as some extra scenes, some deleted scenes and some interviews with members of the crew.  All in all a very solid presentation of an above average show.


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