Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction: Miami Man Witnesses Cannibal Attack

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May 29, 2012, 9:43 AM

Image courtesy of The Miami Herald

Miami resident Larry Vega was treated to something sinister during a Saturday afternoon bike ride, he witnessed a zombie-style attack on an off-ramp of MacArthur Causeway in Miami.

George Romero wasn't there to yell, "cut!" when Vega witnessed a naked man eating away at the face of another man.

Vega told WSVN TV in Miami that the naked man in incapacitated another man and "was ripping his skin, his neck. He had him held down. The guy couldn't move really, and he was just tearing into his flesh,".

Vega quickly flagged down a police officer who was forced to shoot and kill the bare perpetrator after repeated attempts were made to get the man to stop.  

"The guy just stood his head up like that, with a piece of flesh in his mouth, and growled," Vega said.

It is the consensus that the naked man was  homeless and on drugs.

Understandably, Vega is still shaken, "You see these things in the movies but when you see it up front and up close, it's pretty traumatic. It really is".

The victim of the attack is in critical condition at a Miami hospital.  


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