Blu-ray Review: 'CHRONICLE'

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May 7, 2012, 4:27 PM

Like all stories, be it in film, comic book or novel CHRONICLE is a story in three parts.  Your beginning, the middle and of course the conclusion.  Unlike all, CHRONICLE unfortunately fails on it???s first two at bats.  It sure does close strong though.


The latest addition to the very over done albeit still intriguing ???found footage??? sub genre CHRONICLE kind of misses together horror, sci-fi and the super-hero craze and meshes them into an interesting although not particularly well told tale.


The first two thirds is your basic "fish out of water, freaky kid getting picked on at school" flick that we have been watching since ???Sixteen Candles??? hit back in the day.  As you would suspect we meet all the principal characters and attempts are made to make us all give a crap.  Just about the time I was getting ready to call it quits on this one, it got a little more interesting.


A couple of the guys discover a creepy looking hole in the ground and of course, jump in to have a look around.  Inside they find a bright glowing light that gives them all a nosebleed.


Ok, so now I'm paying a little more attention.


Turns out that this "light" has given them all a little gift.  They all have super powers.  Yep, just like Superman they can fly around, dodge bullets and survive all types of impacts, blows and trauma.


It is at this point that this flick becomes worth watching!


The final act of this one is one messed up, awesome piece of film making.  State of the art special effects coupled with a really interesting story twist makes this one of the best 30 minutes of films I have seen in a while. 


It's a shame they couldn't have found a way to make the build up a little less well, painful and bring some of that awesome computer generated coolness to us a little bit earlier.


The closing really does make the ride worth the wait though.  Stick this one in the player and wait it out, you will not be disappointed with the outcome.


I???m not one to sing the praises of CGI but when it's done right, it's a wonderful thing and the one is done right.  The mayhem and destruction is awe inspiring and well, lots of fun.


Hitting on May 15th CHRONICLE will be available as a combo pack that makes sure you get all the cool formats and special features.


Overall I have to say it's worth your time.  The ending is spectacular and to a younger audience that can relate a little more to the "school yard" antics, this one might just make a bigger connection.


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