Blu-ray Review: THE DARKEST HOUR

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Apr 30, 2012, 5:22 AM

Don't you hate when a potentially awesome idea just don't quite make it to fruition? 

That sentence pretty much sums up how I feel about THE DARKEST HOUR.  Alien invasion films have been a staple of the genre since the dawn of the genre and this one was looking to be a welcome addition to the gang. 

An interesting idea with an original take on how the aliens arrive made this one appear to be "rush out and see it" material but once again poor writing and a complete reliance on CGI effects allow this one to burn bright and die fast.

Story wise it is pretty standard fare.  A group of free wheeling teens are on a once in a life time trip to Moscow when suddenly earth is invaded by a bunch of nasty ass aliens that travel around as giant balls of electricity. 

The scenes where the aliens arrive and we witness how they get around and ultimately attack and kill everyone are pretty impressive.  Problem is, it's a one trick pony.  Once you see it. there's not much else going on.  From there the story melts down into the "seen it a million times" formula of "teens run around narrowly escaping death to be ultimately picked off one by one" and along the way they pick up a couple other folks to assemble a motley crew of survivors who piece by piece figure out the vulnerabilities of the earths new inhabitants.

Won't spoil the ending for you but yes eventually it does all come to a nice little conclusion and not soon enough for this viewer.

At it's best THE DARKEST HOUR pushes the CGI envelope a bit and I must stress, the technology is impressive and well executed.  At it's worst THE DARKEST HOUR is a snail paced, nothing new invasion film that falls significantly short of being worth the 90 + minutes of your life that it steals.

This really seems like one of those projects that started out with someone saying "wouldn't it be cool is the aliens killed everyone by doing THIS" and then they tried to somehow build a entire film around that one cool thing.

As I always state when I have to post a "less then positive" review.  Check this one out for yourself.  This is just my opinion.  You may find it to be the best film ever.

Package wise, this one is well done.  Plenty of special features if you actually care and all the bells and whistles we've come to expect from a major Blu-ray release.

THE DARKEST HOUR is available now pretty much everywhere!


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