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TALES FROM THE CRYPT (5-) 1972. Complete and uncut. Contains all the scenes cut from that shitty Prism Video release.

TANYA'S ISLAND (5) Cool and cheesy flick starring Vanity! She is sfuck on a deserted island with a dude and an ape, and sexually torn between them both. See Vanity's milk chocolate ass, tits, and bush! See the horny ape (cool monkey suit FX by a young Rob Bottin!) jump on Vanity's ass and go to town! See the movie that the now "Born Again Christian" Vanity, is trying to forget. Blackest Heart won't let it happen. Order it now and spread the word. We weren't sure if Prince knew about this classic, so we sent him a copy!

TARD SPASM (4) Only about 10 minutes long, we'll put it at the end of any tape for an extra $3.50. What is it? Well, can you picture a death metal band performing to an auditorium full of retards and handicaps!?! Simply fuckin' awesome! Funny as hell, a must fuckin' see! Just do it! Send the extra cash with your order, it is worth it, fuckin' trust me. . .

TARZAN XXX (4+) Joe D'Amato's hard core remake of "Greystoke"! Packed with lots of hard core fuckin! Adults only!

THE TEMPTER (5-) Uncut & letterboxed! Another Exorcist rip-off, also titled "The Anti Christian. Some handicapped chick gets possessed by Satan, gets up out of her wheelchair, gets fucked, and pukes up some green shit. I don't have the time or the talent to write a long ass in depth review, if you'd like to know more check out the Celluloid Satan article in Blackest Heart issue #3. If you are reading this and you don't have a copy of Blackest Heart #3, you should be ashamed of yourself. . .

newsmall.gif (328 bytes)TENEBRAE Available for the first time in the U.S. on laserdisc from Roan. Great camera work with violent and gory murders and a plot that keeps ya guessing at every turn. Released in the US with the lame title, Unsane, and missing about 10 minutes of gore and violence. Running commentary from Dario Argento. We got this laserdisc for sale. Check it out. We ship worldwide. Goblin scored the film and of course it kicks ass, check our soundtrack section.

TENEMENT (5) D/Roberta Findlay. A very cool and violent Death Wish rip-off. The tenants of an apartment building getting revenge on the thugs that are trying to control it. Splatter and hard graphic violence that blows away most films of its kind.

TEENAGE PROSTITUTION RACKET (4) A beautiful heart warming film for all audiences, two thumbs up, the feel good hit of the summer!...Who the fuck am I kidding? Its complete Italian trash and well worth the price of admission. Great story of pimps and hustlers taking advantage of young girls (the way it ought to be dammit).

TERROR AT THE OPERA (5) A great Argento film with all the gore missing from the other prints. About an opera singer being stalked by a crazed killer.

TERROR (5) I've been looking for this for years! I first saw this trashy and gory British horror film in theaters double billed with Amin: The Rise & Fall. I have been looking for it ever since then but there are several horror films with the same title and every time I thought I found this one, alas, it was the wrong Terror. Thanks to a friend I finally found this childhood favorite. A supernatural force haunts the descendants of the Garrick family because of some witches tortured and burned 100's of years earlier. All sorts if gory mayhem ensues when knives, swords, and even cars are hurled at the victims through some kind of evil kinetic energy. Has some great violent and very bloody stabbings. Directed by Norman J. Warren

TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE: A FAMILY PORTRAIT (5) A fun documentary on the original and often ripped off classic. Complete with interviews with most of the cast.

TEXAS DILDO MASQUERADE (5) I love XXX parodies of classic films but this one takes the cake for being the best . Directed by Jim Powers an obvious fan of the original because the extra care in his direction matching camera angles, lighting, and editing. Its a scene-for-scene hardcore rip-off! Ron Jeremy plays the invalid Franklin and he is fuckin great! Instead of the Hitchhiker working in the local slaughterhouse he works in the local dildo factory! ..etc,ect...Fans of Chainsaw will love it and the rest of ya will have a blast beating off. (AO)

THEY BITE (4) Unreleased horror film starring Ron Jeremy and Playmate Suzy Owens. A fun cheesy mix of Creature From the Black Lagoon and Humanoids From The Deep. Has the scene everyone talks about; Suzy's monster pussy! Yes, Ms. Owens' snatch is a snarling monster with razor sharp teeth! I should have been a make-up FX artist, damn it!

THE THING WITH 2 HEADS (4) I’ve had people ask about this one for years, I’ve always wanted to see it but never got around to it, wish I hadn’t waited so long cause this one is a fucking riot! A great 1972 sci-fi film staring Ray Milland as a racist who his head attached to a black man’s body (played by Rosie Grier!). Great film that reminds me a lot of a Twilight Zone Episode...

TIGER JOE (4+) David Warbeck stars in this action film directed by Antonio Margeritti and filmed back to back with the Last Hunter (see below). In this one Warbeck plays Tiger, a Vietnam vet that makes a little extra cash running guns using his own aircraft. On one of his runs his plane goes down and he is captured by suspicious government rebels...then the shit really hits the fan. Filled with cool gun battles, explosions, and David just hamming it up.

TIGRESS OF SIBERIA & THE WICKED WARDEN (4+ to 5) Two more uncut flea flicks complete with big, thick, hairy bush. I got my first woody from llsa, I just love this bitch, need I say more? Each of these boner inducing nazi-torture-fuck-films is sold separately, because I'm money grubbing scum, quit your bitchin' my prices are cheap as fuck! I slave over these hot VCRs for you freaks!

TIME OF THE APES (4-) Asian rip-off of the Planet Of The Apes, awful dubbing, horrible dialogue, and shitty looking make-up, but lots of fun in a drunk-off-your-ass sort of way.

TINTORERA (4+,5-) I love rip-offs, well here's another cool one, a Jaws rip-off! Loaded with Blood and Nudity! Uncut & directed with style and sleaze by Rene Cardona Jr.

TONGUE (4) 70's black exploitation XXX sleaze. A mute black dude with a 9 inch tongue licks lots of white hole. Must be 21.

TOOL BOX MURDERS (4) I had this one for awhile now, but the quality was so poopie I never had it on the list. Just got in a better looking print of this depressing fucked up movie. Its one eerie film that truly gave me the creeps the first time I saw it back in 78. Only 9 years old at the time, this movie warped me for life. (at least I’m not a Christian) Stars a fat alcoholic Cameron Mitchell killing women in all sorts of fucked-up ways in a run down apartment complex. Lots of sleazy nudity and death by various toolbox items. Nail-gun, hammers, ect...

TRACI, I LOVE YOU (5) Traci Lords only legal X film, she just turned 18 when filming started. Taken directly from laser disc, an excellent print. This flick has the greatest line from any of Traci's movies: In a very memorable scene, Traci is surrounded by about a dozen erect dicks and she blurts out, "I'm drunk on cock!" Well, I guess Ms. Lords went to rehab' cause lately she hasn't come within 2 miles of a fuckin' penis, damn shame too, she sure could paly a mean flute. Traci-baby has gone on to legitimate films now and she doesn't even show her fuckin' tits anymore, bitch! (Must be 21 to order, include age statement) SPECIAL NOTICE: WE DO NOT CARRY ANY OF TRACI LORDS' UNDER-AGE FILMS OR ANY OTHER ILLEGAL PORNOGRAPHY. SO PLEASE DO NOT BOTHER TO ASK, YOU WON'T GET A RESPONSE. BUT I'M THINKING OF VIDEO TAPING MYSELF TAKING A DUMP IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED.

TRUE GORE (5) Another fuckin' death video to add to your collection, from Jap. disc. A Japanese version of Faces Of Death, but of course much better. In Japanese with no subs, but the dialogue is minimal and it's very easy to follow.

TV SPHINCTER (4+,5-) 2 hours of odd shorts, everything from old TV commercials, government films on sexual harassment, and how to install a catheter! (this is something I've always wanted to know) Some of this is very graphic, you must be 21 to order, include age statement.

20/20: ACTUAL EXORCISM (4+) The Catholic Church claims this is a real possessed girl. It looks to me like she has seen the Exorcist one too many times. Yet it still is very cool to watch, as she screams obscenities at the priest and spits out weird shit in some foreign tongue.

2020 TEXAS GLADIATORS (5) Another Road Warrior rip-off that I've been searching for. Stars Al (Zombie) Cliver! Action packed and close to Road Warrior except for some SS styled militia shit thrown in that makes little sense but sure makes for an entertaining cheesy action film. It was fun to see Al Cliver kick some ass too. For you horn-dogs, there are lots of tits bouncing around!

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