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JACCULA (4) 1973, aka "The Loves Of Irina." An erotic Franco film about a horny vampire bitch that lives off of sperm instead of blood. 

JACKIE CHAN MUSIC EDIT (5) All of Jackie Chan's fights/stunts, edited together on one tape, and set to music. A must for any Chan fan. Very neatly edited with professional equipment. 

JACKIE CHAN MUSIC EDIT PART 2 (5) For those of you that like part 1 this one blows it away! More cool Chan fight scenes & different music.

JAPANARAMA (5) A fucking wacky-ass television show from Japan. People do all sorts of dumb-ass, dangerous, and sometimes life threatening shit. You will never see anything like this on television out here, because Americans are smarter. How many of you out there would stick your head in a basket full of poisonous scorpions, cobras or rats while blind folded? Fuck no! There is all kinds of cool shit on this tape. Its amazing what these people will do to get on TV. This tape is similar to the Japanese game show Endurance, but its different just incase you were wondering. The tape also features some Japanese television commercials staring a whole slue of American personalities, very interesting stuff. 

JAP. DISC TRAILER TAPE (5) A collection of cool trailers from Japanese discs. Lots of great stuff from American, European, and Asian films. Everything from Fulci and Argento to Godzilla!

JAPANESE WOMENS WRESTLING (5) For all you wrestling idiots out there_ We got something for you, a full-length tape full of some of the most violent and gory wrestling matches you have ever seen. Fuck ECW! You need to see this shit! These chicks crawl out of the ring covered in blood. The blood is just caked everywhere. No rules in this shit, they smash each other with anything! Tables, Chairs, blocks of wood, chains, sticks, bats, poles, swords, you name it and they do it. Yea, its fake like all wrestling but these bitches get hurt real fucking bad. Some of the chicks are hot too! 

JEFFREY DAHMER EXPOSE (3+,4-) News clips, press hearings, talk shows and interviews with Dahmer's neighbors, and on would-be victims that lived to tell about it! 

JEFFREY DAHMER/FIRST INTERVIEW FROM JAIL (4+) From TV on 3/94, see Jeff and his father try to figure out what went wrong, his father didn't think it was strange that as a boy, Jeff collected road kill and boiled cat heads(?). Very interesting and disturbing. Add this to your collection! 

THE SECRET LIFE OF JEFFREY DAHMER (5) 1992, UNCUT 100 min. print. Sleazy exploitation film based on Dahmer's fucked-up life. A very close account of his life from childhood until he was caught at the age of 33. The actor playing Dahmer looks a lot like him too! Heads in the freezer, etc. 

JIMI HENDRIX WOODSTOCK COMPLETE (5) Jimi's entire Woodstock performance, this complete version has never been released until now. In THX stereo. 

JOE SPINELL AND H.G. LEWIS LIVE! (4) Amateur video shot at some convention featuring H.G. Lewis and the late Joe Spinell. Cool collector's item. 

JOHN LENNON & BOB DYLAN LIMO RIDE (4) This one is fun, a 20 minute 8mm short from 1966, has John and Bob drunk off their ass in the back of a limo. They talk about everything from Elvis to fucking Mama Cass! Bob Dylan gets so fucked up he can barely form words, then he passes out. (Sounds like an average Friday night for me.) The sound cuts out during the last minute, the rest of the tape is filled with rare shorts. One of them, The Anal Dwarf, is a XXX flick starring Tattoo (I can't remember that little fucker's real name, you know, "The plane, the plane!") from Fantasy Island! 

JOHNNY GOT HIS GUN (5) This cool war flick, staring Jason Robards, was the inspiration for the Metalica song One. Scenes from this great film were also used in the One video.

JUNGLE HOLOCAUST (5) Directed by Ruggero Deodato. The infamous prequel to Cannibal Holocaust! Complete and uncut with all the gore, nudity, and flesh eating intact! In some ways it's a better film than Cannibal Holocaust, worth checking out. 

JUSTINE (5) Justine, a beautiful nun, (that I would defiantly slam-fuck on the altar) who is frequently naked throughout this sleaze-fest, escapes from a sexually depraved convent, where they're to busy studying each others "holy holes" to worry about the bible. (Love those lesbian nuns) After escaping, she ends up being raped & murdered by bandits. Family entertainment (AO). 

JUSTICE LEAGUE (4) Nope its not a horror film but we are offering it because of its rarity. It's a live action super hero film staring the DC Comic book super heroes. After its completion the studio thought it sucked so they shelved it. It may never air_ It is very cheesy, but if you are into DC comics then I'm sure you'll want it. Also check out Fantastic 4! 

KAMEN RIDER DOUBLE FEATURE (5) Parts ZO and J on one tape. If you like The Guyver movies you'll love this. Great martial arts, cool transformations, and violent as hell. Not gory like the Masked Rider (see below) but still fun shit. In Japanese, No subs.

KATHERINE (5) For those of you who enjoyed Erika (see above) this is 22 year old Katherine, a very good lookin' red head, (a real red head, hint, hint) a full 2 hours of Kathy-baby being interviewed and showing us how she masturbates. (AO)

KICHIKU (5) Sick-ass Chinese film. A little geek Chinese kid goes away to College and finds a room mate. The two get caught up in all sorts of illegal shit going down in the city. Murder, rape, prostitution, torture, grand theft, you name it. Has some of the most twisted rape and strangulation scenes every committed to film. The gory death scenes are rough and hard to watch. Succeeds in making someone like me who has seen it all, wince. 

THE KIDS OF WIDNEY HIGH: SPECIAL MUSIC FROM THE SPECIAL KIDS (4) aka TARD BEAT. Now I'm expecting tons of hate mail for this but, oh well, fuck it, here it goes. This is the most fucked-up, depressing, downer of a tape that has ever seen the inside of my VCR, I loved it! Over 90 minutes of slobbering, drooling, Mongoloid, retards (the mentally challenge) singing, dancing, and rapping(!) to tunes that they helped write with Widney High's music teacher, who of course is just exploiting these tards to better his own career. (Much like I'm doing by selling this shit.) The tape includes a rare concert, videos and television appearances. This is some funny shit! Great for parties and family gatherings. Guaranteed to clear pussies and wimps out of the room. Made me proud to have the right amount of chromosomes. 

KILLER CROCODILE (5) Fun Italian Jaws rip-off produced and directed by Fabrizio De Angelis about a giant toxic waste infected killer Crocodile! Nice and gory with a score by Riz Ortolani. Lots of blood and gore with FX by Gianetto de Rossi who supplied the classic gore FX for Fulci's The Beyond , Zombie, and The Gates Of Hell.. More fun than Jaws if you ask me.

KILLER CROCODILE 2 (5) Gory sequel that once again features FX by Gianetto de Rossi, and he also directed this one! If you love nature gone nuts movies or even just monster films in general than both of these are worth it. Not enough monster films are made these days. Good cheesy fun, check it out.

KILLER NUN (3) 89 min. More fucking nun movies, collect 'em all! This one is cool, and it's in English. Great story of a junkie-nun! And for you horn-dogs, yes, there are some lesbo sex scenes. (AO)

KILLING BIRDS (5) Upgraded Italian pre-record. Starring Robert Vaughn and directed by Joe'Damato. A Vietnam Vet is attacked by swarms of vicious birds that claw out his eyes. Years later a group of teenagers are being murdered in all sorts of bloody and violent ways. Loads of violence and bad acting make this one a favorite of mine. I've seen it about 10 times now, can't get enough of this cheese.

KING DONG (4) A hard-core rip-off of King Kong! A cool mix of XXX sex and stop motion FX! Hard to believe but yes its true! (AO)

KNB BEHIND THE SCENES (3+,4-) See KNB on the set of Phantasm II. See KNB working on the many FX they created for the film. Shot-on-video by the KNB guys. (Tape has an unsolvable tracking problem in the first few minutes, but it's fine after that.)

LA BLUE GIRLS VOL 1, 2 & 3. (5) Each takes one tape, Sold separately. X-rated LIVE ACTION version of popular animation series. Its dead on the anime, with fucking insane transformation FX, gore, lots of naked chicks, sex, and demon rape. If you are unfamiliar with the La Blue Girls animation then the best way to describe these is a Live Action version of the Wandering Kid series. Its very similar to that. Demons with long phallic tentacles all over their bodies penetrating women in every orifice imaginable and some unimaginable holes too! Hot chicks, cool gore, Thumbs up! Dicks up too! (AO)

L'ALCOVE (5) Everyone has been bitching for more Laura Gemser flicks and this is a good one we couldn't pass on. Directed by Italian sleaze king Joe D'Amato! A US Army officer stationed in Africa returns home after his tour of duty with a fine-ass native love slave. When the dude's wife sees this hot dark skinned piece of woman-hood she can't resist going down on that warm fury carpet! Hot Gemser! Hot dikes! D'Amato style!!! (AO) 

LA MORTE VIVANTE (5) AKA Living Dead Girl. Jean Rollin's other most popular film, just got in a new uncut letterboxed print with English subs. Entertaining little film about a sexy young dead chick, Katherine, is brought back to life after some toxic waste is spilled on her tomb. Katherine's sister hides her out at home and brings her fresh victims. Packed with cheesy gore FX and undead-nudity!

LADY TERMINATOR (5) 1989, Complete Terminator rip-off, with plenty of sex and gore about a sexy babe with an evil spirit in her snatch. She kills her lovers after she bangs them, then for some reason, becomes a female terminator, stealing violent scenes from the popular film, lots of fun. 

LADY PORNO (4) Stars Lina Romay as nymphomaniac running around fucking and waving around her shaved pussy! And it's a pretty little shaved pussy too for my customer suffering from that bald-pussy fetish syndrome. You're not alone my brothers, I think pussy hair is evil and should be shaved, waxed, or burned off, depending on my mood_ In Spanish, No subs. But there is more fucking and bald crotch than dialogue anyway and its very easy to follow. Soft core porn, but too much explicit nudity and bald crotch for any one under 21. (AO) 

LAND OF THE LOST 1-4 (5) First four episodes of my favorite TV show as a kid. I have fond memories of waking up early on Saturdays with my morning hard-on to watch these cheesy dino shows. I'm not going to tell ya what happened when I saw Jurassic Park. 

LAST HOUSE ON DEAD END STREET (5) Completely UNCUT print with the operating and slaughterhouse scenes intact! About a dude 

making snuff films. A nasty, dirty, feel bad movie, on of the sickest most intense films in the catalog. The deer foot blow job scene will make you loose your lunch, a promise. 

LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT (4) New/UNCUT print. Wes Cravens Classic exploitation flick in the most complete version available. The Vestron release claims to be uncut on the box but its far from it. This one is the only way to go. For you idiots out there that think Wes Craven's best film is Scream, you really need to pick this one up. It's the ultimate story of Rape and Revenge. Fuck Scream...

THE LAST HUNTER (5) Letterboxed! Highly entertaining Vietnam war film starring David Warbeck and Tisa Farrow! Directed with violent vengeance by Antonio Margeritti! Lots of cool war violence and blood letting.

THE LAST SHARK (5) A great Italian JAWS rip-off staring legendary actor Vic Marrow before John Landis turned him and two kids into fish food on the set of Twilight Zone. Last Shark is fun from beginning to end with classic dialog and great cheesy acting by Marrow and Cat o'Nine Tails star James Franciscus! Its letterboxed and directed by Enzo Castellari. You won't want to miss out on all the cheesy Italian shark footage mixed in with stock footage from the Discovery channel!

THE LAUGHING DEAD (5) S. P. Somtow's still unreleased 
slap-stick gore flick about rebirth of some Mayan Death God. Nice production values and plenty of gore, decapitations and splatter. 

LEGACY OF RAGE (5) Brandon Lee's first and only Hong Kong film, never released here. Letterboxed with English subs. Featuring cool stunts car chases and bitchin fight scenes. 

LEGEND (4+) Uncut European print with alternate scenes and some different music.

LEMORA, LADY DRACULA (5) Taken from a rare Japanese pre-record. Cool gothic 1973 vampire flick about Lemora, a queen vampire that presides over a cult of vampire children whom she has kidnapped. The story centers around Lila, a girl who's father is missing and Lemora is to blame. If you are into vampire films, this one will be a welcomed addition to your collection.
LEON (5-) Aka The Professional. This is the director's cut of Luc Besson's ass kickin' flick. Letterboxed and featuring over 20 minutes of awesome new footage including character development, violence, and entire sub-plots! A great tape for fans of the Professional! 

LET MY PUPPETS COME (4) 1975. Peter Jackson may have picked-up some ideas from this flick before making the Feebles. Rated X. This is the first puppet porn flick. XXX puppet sex! Lots of amazing fun. (AO) 

LET SLEEPING CORPSES LIE (5-) AKA Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue. One of the most underrated zombie films ever, has great super gory make-up FX by Gianetto De Rossi! About a fucked up scientific experiment on a pesticide that makes the dead rise! Complete, uncut, and letterboxed. This is one Zombie film that really deserves more credit. Its got a great creepy score, gore, violence, and some really intense scares. 

LETS SCARE JESSICA TO DEATH (4+) Much ignored genre classic. Why don't more people like this movie? I thought it was great, defiantly one of the eeriest, most chilling "ghost story" films I've ever seen. Directed with class, care, and style. 

LIFESTYLES OF THE UP AND COMING VOL 1&2 (4+) Each sold separate! From an adult cable TV show in Florida. High doses of tits, ass, and bush. Wet t-shirts, nude bars, and lesbos! About TWO HOURS each! (AO) 

LITTLE BLACK DOLL FROM HELL (4-) Another entry in the possessed doll genre! This one is shot on video but don't let that scare you away. It is a MUST SEE. Fuck Child's Play, this little jive-ass mother-fucker makes Chucky look like a saint. Features some sex and nudity by some bitch that shouldn't be taking her fucking clothes off_ (AO) 

LIVING DOLL (4) An unreleased flick about a fucking dork that works in a morgue. Some chick he has the hots for dies in a car accident. He flips out and digs her up after the funeral. Takes her home and has a nice little relationship with her. No sex in this one but he likes to cuddle with her after a nice candlelight dinner. She rots away from scene to scene but his love for her never dies. Not sure what the producers were thinking with this one. Its sort of a romantic necrophiliac comedy for the 90's. If you are into this sort of thing you might dig it. I fast forwarded through most of it_ But what the fuck do I know?

A LIZARD IN A WOMEN'S SKIN (3) Another one of Fulci's non-gore efforts that's a must see. A woman having bizarre dreams about orgies and death. Only problem is that some of her dreams are becoming real. Its got the very nasty scene with the dissected dogs that landed Fulci and make-up man Carlo Rambaldi in court

LONG LIVE THE NEW FLESH (4 ) Very well done Documentary on the films of David Cronenberg, made for Canadian Television and very rare. A must for fans of Cronenberg's work.
LOVE LETTERS OF A PORTUGUESE NUN (4 ) Another slimy nun movie! D/Jesse Franco! Lots of sex, nudity, bush, torture, lesbians, and a corrupt devil worshipping priest jacking off in church! In English! 

LOVE CAMP (5) Man is this one a piece of work. Stars Laura Gemser as _The Divine One_ She's the leader of a fun-loving orgy cult. Yes, this film is packed with giant orgies! Laura controls every aspect of the followers lives, she tells them when and when not to fuck and so on. A very fun, very sleazy, and goddam entertaining film. Loaded with sex and nudity. You just can't live without this one. It's a must. One warning though, You'll be singing the fucking theme song in your sleep. Days after I watched this thing I couldn't get that shitty song out of my fucking head_. (AO)

LOVE TO KILL (4) If you loved Anthony Wong in Ebola Syndrome and The Untold Story then this one is highly recommended. As a child Wong witnesses his parents brutal death and it has caused him to grow up into a seriously fucked up adult. Wong plays a fucked up opium addicted business man that beats and rapes his wife among all sorts of other brutal and depraved shit. Some nasty shit guys (AO)

LOVE STRANGE LOVE (5) Everyone know who Xuxa is? If not, she's this Spanish chick who had her own kids TV show. She looked pretty fuckin' hot in her short shorts. Anyway the producers of her show found out that early in her career she made some adult films, they pulled the plug on her  children's program! Well, guess what we found? You guessed it, one of her fuck-films! It's only soft-core but it's loaded with nudity (tits, ass, and bush!). (AO) 

LUCKER - THE NECROPHAGUS (4) New print in English! Some sick-ass, greasy lookin', fat- french-fuck slithers around from scene to scene killing chicks and slam-fucking their corpses long after decomposition. Rumor has it that this is Bill Knight's unaccredited biography. I believe it... 

LUTHER THE GEEK (4) 1988, D/Cariton J. Albright. Out of print, cool little film about a guy with razor-sharp dentures, who thinks he's a chicken! Many a folk are bitten on the neck, with lots of splashy arterial spraying! 

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