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OFF BALANCE (5) Aka Phantom Of Death. A cool ass violent splatter film starring Donald Pleasance, Michael York and Directed by Ruggero (Cannibal Holocaust) Deodato! York has a disease that causes him to age at a rapid rate unless he kills(?) Yea, it sounds dumb but it is jam-packed with all sorts of gory and extremely bloody Giallo styled murders and camera work that rivals some of Argento's work.    

ON THE TRAIL OF ED WOOD (4+) Rare documentary on the films of Ed Wood Jr. Included on the tape at no extra charge is Vincent (3) a rare unreleased short film by Tim Burton.

ONE ON TOP OF ANOTHER (5) Uncut, letterboxed upgrade of this great Fulci thriller set in San Francisco, 1969. A great plot full of entertaining twists. In English.

ONE ARMED EXECUTIONER (5) Out of print Philippine production release here the 70's but now its almost impossible to find. Its a great crime thriller with one funky-ass soundtrack about this cool cop with a fucked-up Bruce Lee perm and a sexy blond bitch girl friend that normally wouldn't give him the time of day, but this is the movies… Anyway, he fucks with the wrong guys and his woman gets stabbed to death and to teach him a lesson the cut off his arm in gory detail. Then he becomes the “one armed executioner”! I love it, this handicap goes from scene to scene fucking up the bad guys with one arm, lost of bloody squibs, too!

ORGASMO EROTICO (4) As most of you now know Joe D’Amato has passed away. I’m glad I got the chance to meet him at the Chiller Theatre convention  in NJ a few months ago. He seemed in good health, but you never know... I had fun on stage with him introducing him and handling the Q and A. It’s fucked that he died so soon, he had expressed plans on directing Anthropophagus 3. Rest in peace man, you will be greatly missed.  Orgasmo Erotico is a new one for me, I had never heard of it. Joe directed it under one of his many pseudonym’s. Its one of his hard core porno’s about a couple that enjoys breaking into rich homes, drugging the occupants, fucking them, and then killing them. This print is letterboxed and in Italian with no subs (A0)

ORIENTAL SLEAZE (4+) A compilation of boner inducing clips from Robotrix, Sex & Zen, Entrails Of A Virgin, Erotic Ghost Story I & II, Ghoul Sex Squad, True Gore and many more, you must be 21. Include age statement.

PAGANINI HORROR (5) A must for Italian horror film fanatics! For those of you that don’t know, Niccolo Paganini was a 19th century classical violinist who was said to have an alliance with the Devil. Fast forward to modern day...A popular all-girl rock group is set to record a "cover version" of one of Paganini’s classic songs. As a publicity stunt, these chicks travel to an ancient castle once inhabited by the evil violinist to record their song. Once in the castle Paganini’s sprit is brought back from the dead by the rock group bastardizing his song! Anyway, he starts killing off these honeys one by one with his special violin that has a knife on the end of it! Mucho fun, produced by Fabio DeAngelis!

PARADISO (5) 1962, about a special pair of glasses that make people appear naked. Lots of fun.

PASSION IN VENICE (5) XXX hard-core porno directed by Joe D'Amato! Uncut and in English! You must be 21, include age statement shitheads!

PEACE HOTEL (5) Produced by John Woo, and rumors have it that Woo directed it as well. Staring Chow Yun Fat. A great Hong Kong spaghetti western style film

PENETRATOR 2 (4) If you guys dug the porn from the last update Clockwork Orgy then you must see this one. An unbelievable XXX hardcore rip-off of Terminator 2! These guys really did an amazing job on this. Highly entertaining , funny as hell, and plenty of hot chicks gettin’ slammed.


PHAP SU DA TINH (5) This has to be seen, an xxx-rated hard-core rip-off of those hopping vampire films! Loads of explicit hard-core sex, some gore, and hopping vampires! In Chinese with no English subs. Must be 21 to order, include age statement.

newsmall.gif (328 bytes)PHENOMENA D/Dario Argento. Released here in the US as Creepers, running 82 minutes and missing lots of cool scenes, dialogue, and gore. Now available for the first time here in the U.S. is the  the complete 111 minute version from an out-of-print Japanese disc. Running commentary from Dario Argento. Pre-order now!!! Card will not be charged to disc ships. Check it out. We ship worldwide. Check the soundtrack section for the complete score taken from a rare import CD.

PIECES (5) I had the chance to see this trashy Italian slasher film in the theater. All you losers can check it out now on video. Features a wide range of gory murders, decapitations, dismemberments, castrations, you name it. The FX are very well done and most of the chicks rip off their tops before dicing!

PLANET OF THE APES PROMO REEL (3-) An 11 minute mini promotional movie made before the full length feature. Starring Chariton Heston but with different sets and test make-ups for the apes that were eventually dumped for the make-up seen in the films. This is a great collector's item. I'll put it at the end of another title for an extra $2.00.

PORNO HOLOCAUST (3+,4-) Joe D'Amato's XXX-rated horror-porn film! A big black zombie with a big dick fucks women to death! Reminds me of last weekend, (I'm not black but I do have a big dick!) The sex scenes ate hard-core (penetration!) Italian dialogue. Must be 21 to order, include age statement!

PORCILE (5) Aka Pigsty, Pig Pen. Directed by Pier (SALO) Pasolini. Uncut, letterboxed, excellent quality. This is a rough one to explain, an odd viewing experience, but worth it. A medieval warrior roams across a barren landscape raping, pillaging, and stalking everyone in his path. He ritually decapitates and eats his victims in gory detail… In contrast, a rich modern couple, wander around their huge mansion arguing about politics and New CD Releases that doesn't matter. The film cuts between these 2 separate stories as we learn more about each. They seem to have no relation until the morbid end. Fans of Salo and Arabian Nights won't want to miss this one. English subs. (AO)

POSSESSION (5) New excellent quality upgrade, in English! If you have seen the US release, forget it, this one is complete and runs 30 minutes longer! One of the strangest most intense horror films I have ever seen. I’ve watched it about 5 times and I still ain’t sure what the hell its about. As far as I can tell Sam Neil and his wife are having marital problems because she is fucking some giant cucumber looking monster thing. Not only is she fucking this thing but she is allowing it to possess her, and she starts doing all sorts of crazy ass shit besides fucking everybody in town. Then she starts killing men and keeping body parts in the refrigerator! (this wouldn’t bother me to much as long as she left room for my beer)...This is only the tip of the iceberg, there is so much other weird ass shit going on you must see it for yourself to believe it.

PREMUTOS (5) Wow! This kicks much ass! Directed by Olaf Ittanbach, the man behind shit like Black Past and Burning Moon. But forget about those  shot on video turds because this one is going down in history as Ittanbach’s classic. This one is actually shot on film too! I was blown away by this one, it reminded me of an early Sam Raimi, it has the same balls-to-the-wall atmosphere the Evil Dead had. There are 100’s of gore FX and its some of the most violent splashy gore since The Evil Dead first premiered years ago! An evil is unleashed in the year 1023, heads roll, people are impaled, corpses litter the landscape. Fast forward to 1942, the evil force is still sweeping this small town as a tomb of death is unearthed. The film then ends up in present day and a young man has some kind of psychic link to the evil past. This movie is no stop violence and gore. It has everything! zombies, cannibals, decapitations, dismemberment, impaling, eyes gouged out, penises cut off, witches burned at the stake and I could go on forever. The FX are very well done for a low budget independent production. Very impressive work. In German no subs.

PREVIEW TAPE (4 to 5) My own collection of trailers that I've put together after years of collecting. A wide range of cool shit. All of you favorite horror, sleaze, and exploitation!

PRIMAL RAGE (5) Uncut from Jap disc. Directed by Vittorio Rambaldi with FX by Carlo Rambaldi and music by Claudio Simonetti! Stars Bo Stevenson sporting a mini-ponytail and experimenting on baboons on a college campus. Some dude is bit by one of the experimental monkeys and goes on a killing rampage! The disease spreads to several people on campus. Cool gore FX and cheesy monkey make-up, and of course, a great score by Simonetti.

PRIMITIVES (5) Now this is a wacky one and it’s a must for any of you film nerds that collect every cannibal movie ever made. Yes I’m one of ‘em. This one was produced in India! And its there answer to Cannibal Ferox! No real gore, but the dubbing (yes its in English!) is funnier than shit! Letterboxed too.

PRINCE OF TERROR (5) Directed by Lamberto Bava and in English! Sort of a combination of Cat In The Brain and the domestic film, FX. A popular horror director who also has his hands in the occult, fires his screen writer during the filming of his latest horror epic. The unstable screen writer decides to act out his violent screen play at the expense of the director and his helpless family, utilizing FX props. Also features a crazy subplot with satanic golf balls! I know how that sounds but it has to be seen. Plenty of gore, violence, and satanic golf balls!

THE PUNISHER (5) Uncut import version in English! Has extra gore and violence cut from the US release. Watch the gore fly in this uncut print. Action packed and juicy!

RAINBOW (3+) 1977, live in Germany, 100 min. Underground concert by this killer band. Vocals by Ronnie James Dio.

RAISINS DE LA MORT (5) Jean Rollins most popular film, an interesting zombie flick that reminded me allot of Night Of The Living Dead. A strange disease is bringing the dead back to life in small town as a young girl is traveling through. This print is in good quality but is in French only with no subs. We also have one with English subs but the quality isn’t as good, specify which one ya want.

RAMBO'S REVENGE (5) D/Umberto Lenzi. Released in Italy as a sequel to Rambo! Cool cheesy Italian action, in English!

RAMPAGE (5) Uncut version of William Friedkin's horror/crime drama. The long awaited film was eventually released in theaters with some bullshit reshot scenes added on. This is the original director's cut.

RATMAN (4) a part monkey part, part rat, part human 3 foot tall mutant thing terrorizes sexy naked and half naked Italian babes in this cool as hell spagetti flick. The only one that has half the brains to save the Italian bitches is of course David Warbeck. Warbeck turns in one of the best performances next to The Beyond. Full of cheese, gore, and Italian babes. What more can a guy ask for? Did I hear anybody say Old Crow Bourbon?

RATS, A NIGHT OF TERROR (5) Letterboxed director's cut! If you don't like it, fuck you, I thought it was a lot of fun. The Earth is plagued by rats after a nuclear war. Lousily directed by Bruno Mattei.

RAZORBACK (5) Letterboxed uncut upgrade! A highly entertaining, exhilarating, and super-stylish flick about a wild boar terrorizing the Australian out back. Also features some amazing creature FX. From the director of Highlander!

READY TO DROP 2 (5) Hard core sex with pregnant chicks. They look like they could go into labor any second, YIKES! I've seen it all now. A total fuckin' turn off, my dick hid in the crack of my ass. You must be 21 to order, include age statement!

READY TO DROP 4 (5) More XXX sex with expecting mothers. Must be 21 to order, include age statement.

REN & STIMPY - BANNED (3) Ren & Stimpy cartoons that were either banned or severely cut by Nickelodeon.

RETURN TO WHITE FANG (4) Directed by Lucio Fulci!? Fulci does a children's film with funny as fuck results.

REVENGE OF BILL THE KID (3+) Very wild shit. A farmer fucks his goat and gets it pregnant. It gives birth to a goat-man! I don't want to give anything else away. Black comedy. You'll love it!

REVENGE OF THE EVIL DEAD (4+) Sequel to Tombs Of The Blind. Lots of cool atmospheric scenes of the Nights riding there zombie horses. This print is uncut, letterboxed, and in English.

REVENGE OF THE LIVING DEAD GIRLS (5) This one was a cool find, I’m always on the lookout for new zombie flicks. This one combines two of my favorite things in life bitches and zombies. A bunch of sexy-ass-bitches die from some poison milk them come back to life after some toxic waste is spilled on the local cemetery. Some cool gore and zombie FX, ( nasty eye violence, castration, intercourse with a sword, and other typical cheesy violent acts) not to mention some nice "undead" tits and bush thrown in to balance things out.

REVENGE OF THE LIVING ZOMBIES (5-) Night of the Living Dead rip-off, with lots of gore, and lots of female nudity. Stars Bill Hinzman (from Night of the Living Dead). Much fun and very corny, love that shower scene that goes on forever!

RITUAL OF DEATH (5) D/Fauzi Mansur (Satanic Attraction) Loaded with BAD acting, sex, and splatter.

ROB LOWE HOTEL VIDEO (4) Attention Female and Homo Shoppers: See a naked Rob, bangin’ away at some broad in a hotel room! That’s right, the infamous video, here for your voyeuristic pleasure! Signed AIDS (oops!) I mean AGE statement.

ROBIN HOOD XXX (4+) Joe D'Amato's hard core fuckin' version of Robin Hood! Just Fuckin' Great! Adults only!

ROCK BITCH: BITCHCRAFT (5) A dream come true. Can you imagine the Spice Girls on crack! Rock Bitch is an all girl satanic-lesbian-porno heavy metal band from Europe! (God what have I done to deserve such a treasure as this???)...These amazingly talented bitches, play naked on stage, eat each others boxes, piss on each other, and as if that wasn’t enough they fist each other too! Wow! They even take lucky audience members out of the audience and fuck them back stage! (I’m calling my travel agent!) The tape also features a tour of their castle and their private sex dungeon torture chamber! Banned in England and Canada so please NO orders from either of these countries sorry...(AO)

Another cool RockBitch tape! This one features 3 new juicy extras! Concerts in England and Amsterdam and the Diamond Condom Awards! Order em’ both and become a RockBitch groupie, I did (AO)

The latest proof that most Christians are hypocritical, moronic, delusional losers that live in a constant state of denial. Wow, what a fucking mouthful...This is a ball busting documentary from the 70’s about the evils of rock music and how it warps young impressionable minds. Maybe so, but in my opinion a warped mind is better than a closed mind This film actually makes Christians look even stupider than they really are and believe me that is no small task. According to this film, if your child is doing drugs, flunking school, and becomes suicidal it has nothing to do with his sheltered dysfunctional family life or the fact that both parents are abusive alcoholics. No, it’s the evil rock music that has taken hold of your child and turned them into and evil spawn of Satan! Fucking Christians, if heaven is full of these life-pigs I hope I go straight to hell. Anybody with me????

ROGER CORMAN: HOLLYWOOD'S WILD ANGEL (5) Great documentary on America's best exploitation director. Interviews with actors and directors who have worked with this genius. Also features many clips from his classics.

ROME 2072: THE NEW GLADIATORS (5) New uncut letterboxed upgrade. You might think this is a knock off of Arnold Sharzeneggers The Running Man, but this one was made first. Starring Fred Williamson! Some gore and lots of cheesy action, and of course entertaining dialogue.

ROSWELL UK SPECIAL (4+,5-) A very cool special aired in Britain, much better than the specials from the US on the FOX network. Includes interviews with the towns people of Roswell.

ROTTWEILER: DOGS OF HELL (5) Cool violent killer dog flick. Nice camera work, splashy FX work, and great dialogue. An unforgettable drive-in classic.

RUN (5) This is cool, its a violent Hong Kong rip-off of El Mariachi! I know this sounds kind of lame but trust me on this one, its bitchin’. Its got all the cool shoot-outs and bloody bullet hits that you’ve come to expect from HK shit and them some. It looks like they shot it on location in Mexico in the same fuckin village as El Mariachi. Action and HK fans won’t be disappointed. With English subs.

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