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MAD FOXES (5-) Cool and super-sleazy biker flick from Europe. In English! And the dubbing is some of the funniest shit ever, the dubbing alone makes this flick...Its about a Nazi biker gang that rapes a drunk virgin. (after he pops her cherry with his fingers!!!) Well, the chick’s boy friend is a little pissed about the whole thing so he rounds-up a group of karate students that are itchin’ to kick some ass. In one great scene they cut off the Nazi leader’s dick and force it down his throat! From then on this amazingly cheesy film plays like a cross between Last House On The Left and any one of Bruce Lee’s films. This print is the uncut Letterboxed version!

THE MAKING OF FATAL FRAMES/ALL THAT JAWS (5) This is a great documentary on the not-quite-a-classic film Fatal Frames. It features interviews with the entire cast including a really cool one with David Warbeck. David must have been sick when this was shot because you can barley recognize him, he looks real bad. There is also some behind the scenes stuff with Steve Johnson and his FX crew. Well made and interesting it makes the movie look cooler than it actually is. If you haven’t seen Fatal Frames yet it’s a must for the cheese factor. Al Festa’s direction is like a cross between Argento, Ed Wood, with a little MTV thrown in for some flash. The tape also features an hilarious spoof of Jaws.

Behind the scenes footage and interviews on the sets of these two Chuck Norris films.

THE MAKING OF KILLING ZOE AND THE NECRONOMICON (4+) Behind the scenes amateur video shot by Tom Savini on the sets of both films. Most of Savini's FX work was cut from ZOE, this tape has all the missing FX from the theatrical and video release in tact! The second half of the tape includes a behind the scenes look at The Necronomicon, with some extra gore and NUDITY that wasn't in the European or Japanese version.

MALABIMBA/THE MALICIOUS WHORE (4) This one is cool. Very sleazy x-rated Exorcist rip-off. Hard core sex and demonic possession! It's not in English, but you'll be to busy whacking off to notice. Must be 21 to order, include age statement.

MANHATTAN BABY (5) Directed by Lucio Fulci with a great score by Fabio Frizzi. Has some great atmosphere but little gore. About a cursed medallion killing off everyone that crosses its path.

MANSON (5) Documentary on the Manson Family. All real film of the family in everyday life. No actors. Great stuff.

MARCO POLO XXX (4+) Joe D'Amato's hard core porn feature about the life of explorer Marco Polo. Wall-to-wall tits, ass, bush, dicks, and fuckin', fuckin', fuckin'!

MARQUIS DE SADE XXX (4+) Joe D'Amato's hard core story of the infamous Marquis De Sade. Nobody does it like Joe, the Godfather of Sleaze! If this one doesn't get you hard then you're dead! Adults only!

MASON INTERVIEW - RARE (5) An interview done for some New York TV station. One of the best I've seen.

THE MASK OF SATAN (4+) Released here in the states as Black Sunday, missing all the gore and the original score. This is the uncut print with all gore and music intact. One of Mario Bava's best films, heavy atmosphere, cool sets, and an impressive amount of gore for the year it was made. This film was way before its time.

MASKED RIDER PART 1 (4+) AKA Kamen Rider Part 1. Japanese live action film that's a lot like The Guyver, only much more violent. Lots of gory splashy bloodshed and great kung-fu action. No subs.

MASSACRE (4+) Produced by Lucio Fulci, directed by Andrea Bianchi. With English subs. A cool stalk n' slash picture packed with nudity, gore, and lots of dead prostitutes.

MASSACRE IN DINOSAUR VALLEY (5)  Nope, no fucking Dinosaur's in this one so don't let the title fool ya. However, if cheese jungle adventures with lots of shitty acting, bad dubbing, and loads of nudity are your thing then you gotsa' get dis' one! Before I get into my review of this cheese I have to mention that there is a great fucking trailer for ZOMBIE at the beginning of the tape. Its an out of print Japanese Pre-record. Great trailer_.Anyway, the film is letterboxed and features bits and pieces that didn't make it into the US release.  Its about a bunch a fucking fools who's plane goes down in the jungle. Of course all your stupid stereo-types were on board: The Vietnam Vet, the hot shot loner, the fine dumb chicks, the rich stuck up bitch, you name it.  Once in the jungle all these fuckers do is fight, argue, bitch and try to kill each other.  Things get fun with the chicks starting loosing their clothes, and everyone wants to fuck 'em.  Lots of nudity, cannibals, violence, and gore make this one fun with a bottle of Old Crow and some friends.

MASSACRE TIME (5) Western directed by Lucio Fulci. Awesome and letterboxed. In English.

MASTERS OF THE WORLD (5) I got more enjoyment out of this one than most of the other titles on this update. The uncut letterboxed version of Conqueror Of The World! Its a cool kick-ass super violent rip-off of Quest For Fire! This film rocks! Cavemen tribes battling each other until the bloody end. Lots of juicy decapitations! Heads are smashed in, skulls are crushed, babies are decapitated and eaten! Action packed, gory and violent. Treat yourself, order it!

THE MEDUSA CONSPIRACY (4 ) Japanese flick. A group of friends go camping. One stupid ass chick drinks some “evil water” and starts sprouting tentacles and killing her friends one by one in all sorts of nasty ways. Lots of sex and nudity. The Evil Dead was an obvious influence for the film maker as it has many parallels and camera angels, In Japanese no subs. (thanks Dan) (AO)

Interviews with Swedish farmer (Meter) who has regular contact with UFOs. The film takes a scientific look at his many UFO photographs. They are proved to be REAL - NOT A HOAX! Very convincing! The best UFO footage I've ever seen.

THE MEIER CHRONICLES VOL #2 (5) This tape contains Meier's 8mm film footage of UFOs. Unbelievable stuff! Up-close shots, filmed in broad daylight, of UFO Beam-ships! Film footage was examined by Japanese scientists and proved to be REAL - NOT A HOAX! Shows scientists from IBM examining pieces of metal from one of the ships. The metal is nothing the scientists have seen before! You be the judge!

THE MEIER HOAX (4+,5-) Meier's photos and films of UFO's were thought to be the best ei/er, have now been proven to be a hoax! The biggest hoax ever, check this out.

THE MENTORS COLLECTION (4+) A collection of old and new videos from the inventors of "Rape Rock". Sick and very sleazy, with plenty of explicit nudity. Awesome! So much tits, ass, and pussy that you must be 21 to order, include age statement, dammit!

MERCENARY (5-) Asian Vietnam war film with one of the funniest dubbing jobs since Zombie 90. Also known as Mercenary Cannibals, it plays like an Apocalypse Now rip-off with loads of gore and violence.

MESSALINA, MESSALINA (4-) Corny, slapstick, rip-off of Caligula. Has the goriest ending I've ever seen and funny as hell dubbing.

MICROWAVE MASSACRE(5) Lots of fun. A construction worker murders his nagging bitch wife, cuts her up, and makes neat little microwaveable sandwiches out of her. He shares the tasty little morsels with his buddies at work, and finishes the rest off himself. Soon he realizes he is addicted to nagging bitch flesh and heads out on a murderous rampage in search of tasty nagging bitches.

MIDGETS ARE MORE FUN Vol 1 & 2 (5) Each sold separately. Don't you get tired of all perfect "10" blonde haired, blue eyed, silicone implanted chicks in today's pornos? Fuck, that shit gets boring! The same thing over and over, how's a guy supposed to get hard!?! Here's how, a 3ft tall, skanky lookin' midget, fuckin' and suckin' in XXX hard core!!! Her adult size head and ass on that sexy 3ft frame, drives me fuckin' crazy! She can suck dick standing up! Now that's talent! Meryl Streep ain't got shit on this short slut! Must be 21.

MOJO THE BLIND BEAST (5) Jap. flick letterboxed, no subs. Mojo, a blind artist, kidnaps some chick to use her as a model for his weird T&A sculptures. Since he's blind he must feel-up the frequently nude girl, creating a mental picture of her body, so he may complete his modern work of art. Mojo's wife gets jealous, and tries to kill the slut and that's right about the time I passed out. I haven't got off my drunk ass and finished it yet. If you think you might be interested, but aren't sure, I can tape a little of the film at the end of something you order. Just ask.

MONDO MAGIC (4+) In the same vein as Shocking Asia. Features lots of fucked-up documentary footage of rituals in the lives of primitive people. Very cruel and sexually explicit, a must! You gots to be 21 to buy this one! Include age statement.

MONGREL (4) Cool cheesy horror flick about a killer mutated dog, directed by Bob (Texas Chainsaw) Burns! A great addition to your collection.

MONIQUE GABRILLE SCAM TAPE (5) Monique has some of the most long-winded-boring and truly nauseating conversations ever to be wasted on tape, with Linnea Quigley and Julie Strain. After what seems like hours of bullshit, they finally take there fuckin' clothes off. See Linnea's rib cage as it pokes through her 80 pound coke-whore body. See Monique's cellulite-scared-ass as she plays with her fat bush only to eventually bend over and give the viewers at home the "BIG BROWN EYE" (Needles to say, this is the best part of the tape!) Bore yourself silly with some of the limpest shit I've ever seen. My grandmother can do a better job arousing us. The only way to get hard is envisioning a brick hitting them right between the fuckin' eyes. Adults only!

MONSTER SHARK (5) AKA Devil Fish, Directed by Lamberto Bava. I thought this one was even more fun than those Killer Crocodile flicks, another Jaws inspired, humans die in the water movie. Not a shark or a croc, this time its a giant killer octopus with some big-ass teeth. The thing I like so much about this one was that instead of swallowing people whole like a great white, this thing bites people in half and leaves them there to die a slow painful death. Its got some great gore cut for the US release, pick this one up.

MR. NO LEGS (5) I love movies staring handicaps, there are several in our catalog and this one only adds to the fun. A killer action film starring a paraplegic hit man! Not only that but this guy is also a kung fu and weapons expert! This guy does some amazing acrobatic action stunts in his chair that will have you in tears with laughter. A great party tape. They don’t make enough handicapped action films these days. If I had the money I produce a new Superman movie staring Christopher Reeve in his wheel chair! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, NO it’s a Chris in his chair. How’s that for political correctness?

MS. 45 (4) 1981, D/Abel Ferrara. From the director of BAD LIEUTENANT, great revenge flick, much better than the DEATH WISH films. After a woman is raped she gets back at her attackers.

MURDER ROCK (5) Directed by Lucio Fulci, sort of a Flash Dance slasher film with nudity, atrocious dubbing, and the worst music I've ever heard in my life. Keith Emerson did the music too! Check out the soundtrack section for the complete score taken from import disc, it's so bad you gotta have it!

MURDER SECRET (5) Fulci didn’t direct but acted as an assistant to the director. Some of the gore scenes used in Cat In The Brain where taken from this film. A great stalk n’slash flick with some righteously gory chainsaw murders and plenty of nudity (which always helps).

MURDER TO THE TUNE OF SEVEN BLACK NOTES (3) Uncut, letterboxed, Directed by Lucio Fulci. A little better quality than our last print. Definitely worth checking out for Fulci fans. Not a gore-a-thon like Fulci’s more popular titles, but this print does feature some extra gore that was cut from the US release (The Psychic).

MUSIC VIDEOS - RARE (5) Rare, banned, and unreleased videos from Nine Inch Nails, Danzig, Skinny Puppy, and Screaming Mad George. These videos are loaded with gore and nudity. Also on the tape is a live taping of Reggie (Phantasm 1,2,&3) Bannister performing with his band at the 95 LA Weekend of Horrors.

NECRONOMICON/PASSAGE (3+) Two short films by H.R. Giger. Very wild shit showcasing Giger's awesome paintings. See this genius at work.

NEMESIS (5) Cool letterboxed rip-off of The Terminator and John Woo flicks. As far as American action films go, this kicks butt! Tape also features a trailer and making of segment.

THE NETHERHORROR COLLECTION - A compilation of some very cool horror "shorts" from Holland. One in particular, titled "The Bitch is Back" features a blow-up sex doll exacting brutal revenge on it’s owner. Sound funny? Not really. I guess it struck a nerve around here. In one scene the doll hurls up what looks to be about a months worth of splooge! In English and HIGHLY recommended.

THE NEW BARBARIANS(5) AKA Warriors of the Wasteland. Awesome & violent Italian rip-off of The Road Warrior! Filmed in Gore-O-Vision with blood sprayin' and heads rollin'. Stars Fred Williamson and Little "Bob" from House By The Cemetery. Uncut print from Japan, in English.

NEW GLADIATORS (4) D/Lucio Fulci. Sort of a cross between Running Man and Death Race 2000. Violent and action packed.

NIGHTBEAST (4+) From the early 80's, with great gore FX and a cheesy alien suit by an uncredited Rick Baker. The dialogue will have you laughing your drunk ass off. Decapitations and dismemberment o'plenty too!

NIGHTMARE CITY (5) Uncut letterboxed version of Umberto Lenzi's City Of The Walking Dead. An awesome print of this classic zombie film. In English.

With alternate scenes and a different ending, taken from a rare cable broadcast.

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD 1990 (3+,4-) D/Tom Savini. Tom's remake to Night Of The Living Dead, this uncut print isn't half as bad as the it-rated version. Every violent act in the film is extended from the R version. Lots of bloody bullet hits and a cool exploding zombie head that wasn't in the released print. Also, there is extra dialogue and different music. Quality would be a (4) accept the colors are washed out.

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD 1993 (5) Some dick-heads dubbed over the original N.O.T.L.D. with very funny results.

NIGHT OF A THOUSAND CATS (4-) D/Rene Cardona. Uncut and in English! A psycho who feeds human remains to a room full of thousands of starving cats, would make a great cat food commercial.

NIGHT OF THE EXECUTIONER (4-) I have never been into Paul Naschy flicks before but I’m beginning to change my mind with a few that I have on this new update, especially this one. It is one of the most entertaining Death Wish rip-offs ever made. A group of thugs kill Naschy’s wife, the rape his daughter , and they cut out his tongue. And all this shit happens on his Birthday! After a speedy recovery Naschy pumps some iron, buffs out a bit and exacts violent revenge on his attackers. And I mean VERY violent. Very gory and worth repeat viewing. In Spanish with no subs, but it is very easy to follow.

NIGHTMARES IN A DAMAGED BRAIN (4) AKA Blood Splash. Savini may not have done the FX, the producers claim he did. Savini is suing to have his name taken off the film. The FX are great anyway.

THE NIGHTWATCH (4) Please check out this excellent Dutch horror classic. It will soon be remade (ripped-off) by some U.S. production house, starring Rosanna Arquette and some other Hollywood" types. I have no doubt they will water this shocker down and totally reck it. About a law student who gets a job as the night watchman in the morgue. The plot, without giving too much away, concerns a serial killer, some of the most suspenseful murders ever filmed.

9 LIVES OF A WET PUSSY (5) Abel Ferrara, director of such classics as Driller Killer and Ms. 45, actually starred in a XXX hard-core film, no shit! We have it! See Abel fucking! MUST BE 21 AND INCLUDE AGE STATEMENT, YOU TURDS!

1990 BRONX WARRIORS (4-) Uncut, letterboxed import version of this classic post-nuke flick from the 80’s. I love these films, grew up with them. And there’s nothing like seeing them uncut and letterboxed for the first time. The quality isn’t the greatest, its grainy because of the PAL transfer. We will have an excellent quality upgrade soon. This seems like the time to plug our up-coming CD It will feature the themes from 1990 Bronx Warriors, Escape From The Bronx, After The fall Of New York, Warriors of the Wasteland as well as other obscure shit like Accion Mutante. Coming spring of 99, more info soon...

1990 BRONX WARRIORS (5) Out of print violent Italian rip-off of Escape From New York. Its 1990 and the Bronx has been officially declared a “No Man Land” and the gangs now rule the streets. Lots of violent action, shoot-outs and car chases. Starring Vic Morrow, Christopher Connelly, and Fred Williamson!

NORTHVILLE CEMETERY MASSACRE (4) 1974, D/William Dear, Thomas L. Dyke. AKA FREEDOM R.I.P. Cool action packed biker movie, packed with stunts and bloody squibs.

NUDE AEROBICS (5) For real men only, great party tape! Hot bitches doing aerobics in the nude, and that's the way it should be, damn it! Must be 21 with age statement.

NUDE AEROBICS 2 (5) More sexy nude chicks working out in the nude! Makes you proud to be an American!

NUNS OF SAINT ARCHANGELO (4) Uncut print of SATAN'S SLAVES, in English!

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