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UFO: SECRETS OF THE THIRD REICH (5) A fascinating tape about Hitler's interest in the occult, pyramids, UFO's, ancient religions, and other new age thinking. According to this bitchin' tape, Hitler's Third Reich discovered a new science/technology that enabled them to make their own flying saucer shaped vehicles, and other cool shit. A very interesting watch, with great production values. Loaded with stills, archive footage, and interviews.

UNCLE TOM (4) Just picked up this seriously fucked up flick. The most exploitive depiction of the slave trade I've ever seen. This is one sleazy mother. One of the tamest scenes in the film has the slave owners sticking corks in the slaves' asses to keep them from shifting on the slave ship.

URIATORI ALLA SBARRA (4) Rare Fulci film from the early 60’s. Its a rip off of those beach party flicks of the 60’s. Staring Elke Sommer. Italian dialogue only, but the film is basically a musical so there is very little dialogue to deal with.

VAMPIRE IN VENICE (5) aka Nosferatu The Vampire. Letterboxed, uncut and in English. If you are a fan on Gothic Vampire films, then this is for you, its one of my all time favorites. I love this film, it has everything a vampire film should have. Its atmospheric, has a fuckin beautiful score, and its violent as hell! Klaus Kinsky plays Dracula better I think than anyone before him. He was born to play this role. The film also stars Donald Pleasance as a priest and Christopher Plummer in the role of Van Helsing!

VAMPYPES (5) This is the coolest lesbian vampire film I have ever seen. Uncut print! Super gory and equally as sexy! Two hot-ass lesbian vampire bitches from hell lure unsuspecting men into their castle of sin, cut them to ribbons, feast on their blood, and have hot-sweaty sex in pools of gore! These vampire honeys are fine as hell too and one of them was a former Playboy Bunny. In the mood for boobs and blood? This is your flick. (AO)

VAMPYROS LESBOS (5) I just can’t get into most of Jess Franco’s crap but this another one worth picking up. This print is uncut, letterboxed and in German with English subs. About a chick having dreams and fantasies about a sexy brunette. One day she meets the women of her dreams and is pulled into the erotic world of dike-vampires, whatever...Soledad Miranda plays the dark haired dike blood- sucker, and she is fine as hell, a sexy flick, should draw the blood to any normal mans genitals.

VAULT OF HORROR (5) 1973. Complete and uncut print of a killer sequel to the original Tales From The Crypt flick! This print contains all the extra gore missing from the hard-to-find US version. Very cool and a must for any collection.

VIDEO PSYCHOTHERAPY (3+) Weird public access TV show that was pulled off the air because of the high levels of violence. The show consists of the most violent scenes from your favorite horror films edited together and introduced by an evil puppet that calls himself, "The Doctor". Unbelievably cool and extremely funny, a must for horror fans. Tape features 2 episodes of the show, about 40 min. each. Also featured is a Video Psychotherapy rip-off sent in by some Blackest Heart readers. I hear there are more of the original show floating around, anybody got em?

VIDEO VIOLENCE (3 to 5) Our own compiled death tape. Many rare sib - es of violence, death, destruction, cranage, and corpses.

VIDEODROME (4+,5-) All new uncut alternate print with different opening and ending scenes, and a bunch of alternate footage! Runs 104 minutes! That's 15 minutes longer than the US video release! Special thanks to KISH Studios and Will Wilson!

THE VIJ (5) This one was a special find and is really worth seeing for fans of early Horror films. This one came out of Russia believe it or not, in the late 1960's. It was way ahead of its time. About witches, devil worship, demons, demonic possession, and the occult. For the time it was made and the fact that it's a Russian film its pretty amazing what the film makers pulled off. The sets are elaborate, the lighting and camera work was years ahead of its time, and some of the special effects are down right impressive.  For film nerds that are into making there own films, I suggest this one and for enthusiasts of early occult films this is a must see. Dudded in English

THE VILLAIN (4) aka Cactus Jack. Never released on video early Arnold Schwarzenegger film. Plays like a live action Road Runner cartoon! Very funny. Rare.

VIOLENCE IN A WOMEN'S PRISON (5) Horny lesbian prison film with rape, torture, and none other than Laura Gemser! Laura posses as a convicted prostitute in order to get in the prison and check out the inhumane treatment of the women inmates first hand. (AO)

VIOLENT PROTECTION (4) Aka Violent Naples. A bad ass Italian crime thriller directed by Umberto Lenzi! I've had this on tape for a few years now and never got around to watching it until now. If I had any idea how fucking cool it was I wouldn't have waited so long. A hot headed cop (whom looks like a young Chuck Norris but with Clint Eastwood's attitude) is transferred to Naples to deal with their Mafia problem. This guy takes no fucking shit, he kicks ass from the first 5 minutes of this classic until the credits roll. Fuck that “you have the right to remain silent” shit, its more like “you have the right to get kicked in the mouth and spit out teeth“. Also the dialog (in English) is funnier than shit and the action scenes fuckin rock!

VIOLENT PROFESSIONALS (5)  (JP)  Cool 1973 Italian crime thriller directed by Sergio Martino.  About an undercover cop out to get a gang of Bank robbers.  Great action set pieces, loads of violence and some intense chase scenes.  All this and the usual great dialog that you've come to expect from Italian crime thrillers.

VIRTUAL DRUG (5) Part 1 Ecstasy & Part 2 Trance (both fit on one tape). Very cool, from Japanese disc. Experience hypnotic simulated super-psychedelic drug trips with out the use of acid! Great computer effects, will have you trippin' although it wouldn't hurt to use something while watching, (hint, hint) but drugs are a very bad thing, just say NO!

VOICES FROM BEYOND (4) In English! D/Lucio Fulci. Retarded-ass story that only the master Fulci could pull off. Not overly gory, bit it has its moments, among them a nicely shot zombie attack scene and some cool body decomposition. The hilarious dubbing job had me on the floor! (The bottle of Old Crow helped a little too)

VOMITORIUM (5) One of the most entertaining things I have watched in years. If you are unfamiliar with the Bay Area band Skitzo, that okay, this video is a must. Lance Ozanik, lead singer of Skitzo has made a career out of puking on cue, yes thats right, Lance can spray vomit any time he likes. This is a "Spinal Tap" style documentary on Lance, featuring over a decade of vomiting! Everything from a Barf-a-thon (puking for dollars to feed the hungry), puking in his X-girlfriend’s mouth, throwing-up in a weed blower and spraying puke into the audience, puking in his underwear and barfing on chicks tits in the audience! Also, hilarious interviews with his doctors, family, friends, club owners and others shocked and disgusted. An amazing tape, and its not a bootleg either, each one comes in a full color box for $19.99-us $21.00-Canada $22.00-overseas, if you are ordering 5 or more other titles you can knock $2.00 off the price of this vid...Order it, trust me on this one, its great for parties!

WANDA: THE WICKED WARDEN (3+) Fun llsa film directed by Jess Franco.

WAR DOGS (5) Just picked up an excellent print of the Swedish action film in English! A great bloody action film, the blood fucking sprays in this mofo! A wacked out Vietnam vet tries to create the perfect soldier from parts of other dead soldiers! Some of the most violent bloody shoot outs ever committed to film! Fans of violent bloody action films can not miss this one.

WASHING MACHINE (4) Here's a different one from Ruggero (Cannibal Holocaust) Deodato! A sleaze, sex, murder, thriller! A hooker and her dike-sister murder some dude and stuff him in a washing machine! Lots of nudity and interesting plot twists and a cool score by Claudia (Goblin) Simonetti.

THE WAX MASK(4+) Uncut, letterboxed, in English! Was supposed to be Fulci's come back film. It was produced by Argento and Directed by Sergio Stivaletti, who also did the FX.

WEIRD AMSTERDAM/WEIRD SAN FRANCISCO (4+) A cool peak at tattoo parlors, piercing, S&M, and nudity! Must be 21 ! Include age statement!

WELCOME TO SPRING BREAK (5) This one is also known as Nightmare Beach. It's a cool slasher film lensed on location in Florida and staring John Saxon! Directed by one of the masters of Italian cinema Umberto Lenzi!

WEREWOLF WOMEN (4) This is the uncut letterboxed print that you clowns have been asking me for, finally picked up a copy. Sleazy Spanish flick about a woman that thinks she is a werewolf after being raped. Jam packed with full frontal nudity, (yes bush!) a bunch of soft-core sex, and enough gore to satisfy. I’ve seen 2 other prints of this missing blood and nudity, this is the most uncut print available.

WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO SOLANGE? (4 ) Complete uncut and in English. Released in Italy in 1971. A teacher (Fabio Testi) of a popular all girls school is suspected by the Police of raping and mutilating girls at the school. As he is under investigation the genital mutilations and stabbings continue. An excellent giallo thriller with plot twists, nudity, and a great score by Ennio Morricone. Directed by Massimo Dallamano.

WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO YOUR DAUGHTERS (4) Complete and uncut follow up to Solange, released in Italy (1973?). Also directed by Massimo Dallamano. Another twisted giallo thriller about murder and mutilations that is just as highly recommended at the original. Nudity, great plot twists, and a bad-ass score by Stelvio Cipriani that I thought was even catchier than Morricone's score in the original.

Uncut European version of Sam Fuller's classic about a dog that was trained by a white racist to kill black people, stars Kristy McNichol.

WHITE SLAVES (5) Sexy lookin' blond chick's parents are massacred by cannibals and she is raised in the Jungle. She runs around topless and gets fucked, great film!

WITCH STORY (5)  Uncut letterboxed  and in English!  Florida 1932 a young witch is hunted down, tortured, and burned at the steak by a town of Godly Christians . The young witches' daughter is made to watch her mothers violent death.  Fast forward to 1989 and a group of teenagers (how fucking original!)  move into an old house they inherited.  I think you all know  where this fucker is going. The ghost of the witch and her daughter haunt the house and begin possessing the teens. It turns into one of those 80's teen slasher flicks were everybody dies.  Fun and brings back some memories of the first time I saw Friday the 13th.  Directed by Alessandro Capone.

WILD SEARCH (4+) Starring Chow Yun Fat.

WITHOUT WARNING (3+) Rare and damn hard to find horror film about a small town being invaded by flying parasites that kill. The town drunk was the first to see them and warn the town, but of course no one believes the town drunk (I have the same problem in my town) It isn’t until a group of teens head down to the local lake to fuck and narrowly escape with their lives that the towns folk take any notice of what is going on. These little parasites are mean mothers too, they fly through the air, attach themselves to human skin with their sharp little teeth, and within a few agonizing seconds you’re dead. Staring a young David Caruso, Cameron Mitchell, Larry Storch, Jack Palance, and Martin Landau.

WIZARD OF DARKNESS PARTS 1 AND 2 (4) I'm making a deal for parts one and two because I think they are so cool. Part one is normal price and you can add part 2 to your order for an extra $5.00!  Cool story about a bunch of Japanese school girls taken captive by a Satanist. There is some lesbo shit between some of the chicks and then they're slaughtered in all sorts of fucked-up ways. Shit, they turned me on. Letterboxed and in Japanese with no subs, trust me, it doesn't matter what they are saying.      

WOMEN’S CAMP 119 (4) I couldn’t have an update without a Nazi torture film could I? This one is as sick and cool as the others, lots of bush and tits, twisted experiments and more sleaze then one normal person can handle (most of us aren’t normal though)

WOMEN OF THE SS (aka She Devils Of The SS) (5) Made to cash in on those awesome Ilsa films. We picked up this rotten classic in excellent uncut form and in English! Loaded with sex, violence, and lots of fat-sweaty-smelly BUSH! About a group of  hot ass German bitches in training to be part of Hitler's infamous SS Elite! In the battlefield or the bedroom their BUSH is Legend! (AO)

WORK OUT WITH TRACI LORDS (5) Not a porno, but that doesn’t matter, just use your imagination! A rare work out video with  ex-porn queen Traci Lords! Watch her work her hot body in to a smelly sweat! Just think of all the calories you’ll burn jacking off to this! There is some hope for your fat asses after all.

Personal favorite, if you haven't seen it and you can't find it in stores, order it now jerky! Even if you can't find it, I own the disc, and it's a thousand times clearer than that shitty, dark video release. Has a great scene of a woman giving birth to a full grown man!

XUXA’S HOT ASS SPECIAL! (4+) Over 90 minutes of XUXA’S original Spanish show, not the watered down US episodes, these are the hot ones! Staring fine-ass XUXA and her army of other hot Mexican hoochie mamas in skimpy as hell street walkin outfits that show every crack and crevice, I’m talking some serious yeast infections here! Billed as a kids show, and the only kids show that Dads across Mexico watched with their kids! XUXA is so fine she could give the stuffed animals on Sesame Street wood... Oak... Don’t forget to check out Love Strange Love in our catalog. Its one of XUXA’s adult films that got her kids show pulled off the air. She is nude in it, so you got see it.

our episodes of XUXA’S US version of her kids show. It never really caught on here, they had the Gawd-damm thing on to early in the morning for the over-sexed bastards that would have given the show its ratings. Jesus Christ, the show was on at like 6am or something! Real men are still in bed with a hang over and swollen genitals at that time. Anyway, the show is a blast as XUXA hops around in her tight ass shorts and knee high fuck-boots! Her sexy blond looks and way-to-innocent character make for perfect jack-off material for you anti-social losers that live in fear of a real relationship with a real woman. 3 tape Special!: Get the 2 XUXA tapes above plus the adult XUXA film LOVE STRANGE LOVE all for the low price of $33.00 post paid! (Canada $36.00/ Overseas $43.00)

YETI, GIANT OF THE 20TH CENTURY (5)  An Italian rip-off of King Kong.  This isn't your normal Big Foot, this fucker is like 100 feet tall . It's a straight Kong rip-off. They find this fucker frozen in the Antarctic, thaw him out and he comes back to life! Seems he really wasn't dead,  just in hibernation  for 1000 years_(only the Italians could pull this off) they bring him to the city and he goes on a rampage, smashes shit up, and falls in love with some babe_..a cheesy flick that can't decide if it's a kids movie or an exploitation film..                                                                      

A ZED AND TWO NAUGHTS (5)  The film that David Cronenburg often speaks of and its obvious that it had some influence on his film Dead Ringers. One of the wildest things I have ever seen.  About identical twin brothers studying the mysteries of death and decomposition by photographing the physical decay of dead zoo animals. (?) Jeffery Dahmer would have been proud. Anyway, the twins end up filming their own suicides_An unbelievable film experience. 

THE ZODIAC KILLER (4+) This flick is based on the true story of the Zodiac Killer, a serial killer from the San Francisco Bay Area. The cops were hot on this guy's trail when all of a sudden the killings stopped. Yea, the killer was never caught, he is still out there. . .

ZOMBIE 3 (4+) Uncut letterboxed and in English! Directed by Lucio Fulci, and it's not as bad as most people say. Some cool gore and nice pacing, real bad dubbing job though.

ZOMBIE 3: NIGHTS OF TERROR (4+) Uncut and letterboxed version of Burial Ground! Has awesome gore FX by Gianetto (The Beyond) DeRossi, and some of the coolest non-Fulci zombies ever. Check out the weird lookin' little dude that bites off his mama's tit!

ZOMBIE 4: AFTER DEATH (4+) In English, very gory zombie film originally titled After Death and later retitled Zombie 4. Has no relation to Fulci's Zombies 2 or Zombie 3 bit it is fuckin' excellent anyway. With good production values, tons of cool zombies, and gore like only the Italians can do. You get exploding heads, eyes ripped out, faces torn off and more!

ZOMBI HOLOCAUST (5) An Upgrade of the original version of DR Butcher MD! Has the original score, cut for the US release, not to mention all the scenes that were cut, now intact! This is a very gory film, one of the goriest in the catalog, so all you blood freaks order it! Letterboxed and starring Ian (Zombie) McCulloch! We've got the laserdisc for sale. Check it out. We ship worldwide.

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