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Imagery can say so much more than words, usually in less time and with greater effect. But in order for imagery to be effective, it must be delivered by a master. A student of the human natural  uses emotion to help fuel the effect. He is truly a master of his craft, he is the monster-maker. He who creates the grande illusion. Tom Savini is directly responsible for many of the great images that have become some of today's modern classics. He is "the man that made horror good again."

Tom has taken words and replaced them with images. His effects and wizardry have helped to deliver some of horror most telling moments. Who could ever forget his classic zombies in "Dawn of the Dead", "Day of the Dead", and "Night of the Living Dead 1990". His creatures from "Creepshow", or classic killings in the original "Friday the 13th". This is just some of the works of this maestro of mayhem.

Some people go to see movies for their favorite actors or actresses, or favorite director, but I go to seeTom with one of his creations anything with Tom Savini's name attached to it. Not all are good, but at least Tom can deliver the goods. No matter if it is as an actor, director, doing stunts, or special effects, Tom's contributions are always top-notch.

Probably my favorite of Tom's work is his and George Romero's remake of "Night of the Living Dead". I know that Tom doesn't have many fond memories of this production, but I thought it was great. This is definitely one of the best zombie movies in the last 10 years. Don't get me wrong, I loved the original, but I really enjoyed Savini's re-crafting of this horror classic. Not many remakes even hold a candle to the original, but this one might have out shown it. Great job, Tom!!!!

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Tom and spending some time talking to him about his career and he view on the state of horror today. I found him very open and down to earth. He is definitely not your average Hollywood star. He is a true horror fan, who has never let us down.

Hopefully, someday Tom will visit my site and find it a fitting tribute to the genre we all love, horror. He has definitely greatly enhanced my horror enjoyment and I am very thankful. As always please e-mail me if you have anything you can add to this page, or if you have any comments, criticisms or suggestion.


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