Welcome to our page dedicated to the world's oldest independent film studio, TROMA. It is hard to believe that TROMA has been entertaining the world of the sick and deranged for over 25 years. It cannot be denied that they have been a major influence on the way we watch movies today.  Although not all TROMA films are good , they are just that, TROMA films.  They are not made on Hollywood constrained multi-million dollar budgets in hope of making a gillion bucks, but rather to entertain the fans. They are perversely thought provoking in challenging viewers with important questions of the day (i.e. pollution, nuclear power, lesbianism, hermaphrodites, etc).  This light-hearted social commentary can be much more effective in driving home issues than any Spike Lee film. So sit back and welcome to the world of TROMA.


TROMAVILLE, New Jersey--Toxic Chemical capitol of the World. A nice place to live??  Well not for 98lbs. weakling Melvin (Mark Torgl), the janitor at a local health club.  It seems that mild-mannered Melvin is constantly berated by the population of muscle-bound meatheads that call this place home and is later incited to leap from a second story window just to escape their torment.  Unfortunately for him, he lands in a vat of bubbling toxic waste, but even more unfortunate for the "bad guys", the Toxic Avenger is born.

Evil doers beware, because towering in at well over 7 ft with the strength of 10 men, Toxie has an unquenchable thirst for ripping bad guys to shred.  No body part (arms, eyes, brains, balls, etc.) goes un-spared as Toxie armed only with his trusty mop rampages through these miscreants like a hot knife through shit. This is bad news for corrupt Mayor Belgoody (Pat Ryan) and his trusty band of cronies, whose aspiration for transforming the toxic dumps into valuable shorefront property in now in jeopardy.


Along the way, Toxie saves a blind girl (Andree Maranda) from a bunch of corn holing thugs and a romance blossoms.  As the "monster vs. hero" debates rage in the local rags, Mayor Belgoody must find a way to get rid of his archrival in order to complete his evil plans.  His luck turns when Toxie accidentally kills a innocent. The final showdown comes when the national guard is called into action.  Does the Mayor have the guts to stand up against the town's hero??? Buy this film immediately.  

How can you call yourself a horror fan, if you have never seen "The Toxic Avenger"???  I must have asked this question a million times to many so-called horror fanatics. Love it or hate it, Troma's "The Toxic Avenger" has forever influenced the way we watch horror movies today.  Born out the dark and deranged mind of Lloyd Kaufman (co-founder of Troma) in the early 80's, Toxie, as his adoring fans have come to call him, helped to establish a new standard for underground filmmaking. This environmental crusader has become a symbol of freedom for children and adults alike and a mainstay for the collective conscious of this here planet earth.  But beyond his rise to superstardom in animated features, his own toy line and comic book series, Toxie's misadventures helped to create one of the most entertaining, influential, and fun horror films of all-time. 


Cannibal! The Musical

Our story begins in a courtroom as a lead prosecutor recants the details of one of
the most ghastly and gut-wrenching crimes known to mankind ...cannibalism. Standing trial charged with this dastardly deed is Alfred Packard (Trey Packard) who vigorously proclaims his innocence.  Later while awaiting his fate, Packard reflects back on his ordeal.

As the scene fades, we find a rag-tag group of miners preparing to make the dangerous journey across the Rockies east into the Colorado Territory in search of gold. With the untimely death of their guide Lucky Larry, the group is forced to rally around the services of Alfred Packard and his horse Leann. Even when a fellow prospector warns them that they have a "death curse", the men still hit the trail with a song in their heart. 

When a normally three week journey quickly turns longer, the group begins to suspect they are lost, but pushes on.  Along the way they are hassled by a band of miscreant trappers who seem highly interested in Packard's horse.  Their bad luck turns worst when Leann mysteriously disappears along with all of the supplies.  Even when warned of an approaching storm by a tribe of  Japanese Indians, Packard leads his men out in search of Leann, where they happen upon a crazed Rebel cyclops, who chases them deeper into the wild.   Finally, as the cold winter snow closes in, the pain of frostbite coupled with their undying hunger turns this scene into a blood feast.  Did Alfred Packard really turn on his own men and have them for dinner??? Rent this hilarious and grossly entertaining romp from TROMA, of course. 


Cannibal! The Musical



This film is loosely based on the trials and tribulations of Alfred Packard, the only American ever convicted of cannibalism.  This was the first film from the creators of South Park Trey Parker and Matt Stone and is in my opinion is their funniest and most entertaining.  Parker and Stone found a never ending road of rejection as they tried to shop their film.  Finally because they were life-long TROMA fans, the boys decided to send a copy of their film to Lloyd Kaufman who instantly realized their genius and brought the film to TROMA for distribution. After changing the name from "Alfred Packard" to "Cannibal! The Musical" and redoing the sound, the film was ready for video release. TROMA was still meeting resistance in getting the films into video store until one day when a little phenomena know as South Park took the world by storm and the rest is history.  Finally, with a tagline like "Friday the 13th, Part II meets Oklahoma" and classic ditty such as "Let's Build a Snowman", "A Shpadoinkle Day" and "Hang the Bastard, Hang Him High",  how could you ever go wrong??? 


While on the set of  his latest feature blind  independent filmmaker Larry Benjamin (Lloyd Kaufman), armed with the charge to "make some art", is hard at work trying to maintain control of an overzealous cast and staying on budget at the time.  The cast and crew bound by Larry's three rules of filmmaking : 1). safety to people, 2). safety to people's property and 3). make a good movie, are confronted by fears of a homicidal maniac on the loose who has been terrorizing the fine citizens of Tromaville killing them off in the most bizarre ways (i.e. de-fetusing a pregnant woman). The carnage finally begins to spill over into the production with the deaths of sound guy, the "Toddster" (Gary Hrbek), and its main investor Jacob Gelman (Joe Fleishaker). 

Back on the set, the sparkles begin to fly between boom operator Casey (Will Keenan) and one of the PAs Jennifer (Alyce Latourelle) while a  jealous special effect wiz Jerry (Trent Haaga)  looks on. This tension is fuelled further by Casey's clouded vision of life (Speilberg worshipping conservatism),  which is a direct contradiction to Jerry's own spontaneous, off-the-cuff, anything goes approach. The weirdness continues in this bizarre love triangle as the body count keeps raises and no one is spared the trials, tribulations, and tragedies of independent filmmaking.  Can they succeed before the killer brings the production to a screaming halt or will family values be saved??? 


Terror Firmer



Boobs, blood, and murder are all key ingredient in the making of any TROMA film especially one about itself.   The film is loosely based on Lloyd Kaufman's highly entertaining and totally outrageous bio "All I need to know about filmmaking I learned from the Toxic Avenger".  Following in the tradition of the successful "Tromeo and Juliet" Troma again pushes the envelope of good taste or should I say bad taste in challenging the audience with such socially relative issues as a life reaffirming rape and hermaphrodites. The true secret to the success of this film, beyond it statement about the state of independent filmmaking, is its solid ensemble cast which includes first timer Trent Haaga, a lifelong Troma fan, the extreme sexy Debbie Rochon (Christine), Will Keenan (Tromeo and Juliet) and of course Lloyd Kaufman himself.  "Terror Firmer" is easily one of TROMA's best films in the last ten years and should instantly become a fan favorite when it finally gets a wider release via video and DVD later this year. Lloyd Kaufman has been quoted in saying that it is TROMA's mission "to entertain - to educate, piss off, but above all to entertain" and with "Terror Firmer" they succeeds on all levels. 


An ancient prophecy says that in the year 2000 the Evil One will conquer the world that is if he can defeat his nemesis Kabukiman. So the Evil One sets forth in his plan, and Kabukiman must be destroyed. A vicious assault on the unsuspecting Kakukiman at a ancient Japanese play, seems to have destroyed the worlds only hope. When New York Police Sergeant Harry Griswald comes to the dying Kabukiman's aid he is given the ancient power of the Kabukiman. With the help of the beautiful Lotus Sergeant Griswald must learn to use the powers he has given in time to defeat the Evil One and foil his horrendous plan. Can Sgt. Kabukiman learn to master his arsenal of ancient attacks in time to defeat the Evil One?


SGT. Kabukiman 



This film is TROMA at it's best (or worst). Returning to the directorial helm is Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz, the geniuses behind Toxic Avenger. Filled with the classic TROMA humor one will marvel at the amazing transformation of Sgt. Griswald into Sgt. Kabukiman., and want to run in fear from the pure evil that the Evil One is. How can anyone who views this film not be impressed with the Heat-Seeking Chopsticks, Fatal Sushi, and Projectile Parasols that comprise the Kabukimans arsenal, and not be impressed by the beauty that is Lotus. SGT. KABUKIMAN N.Y.P.D. is a true modern B-movie classic. --MR. ROBBIE


More TROMA films on the way!!!!
"Rabid Grannies", "Mother's Day", "Redneck Zombies", "Surf Nazis Must Die", "Tromeo and Juliet", "Bloodsucking Freaks" and "Class of Nuke'em High"



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