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There aren't too many people in this world that I truly idolize. Most of them are represented on this site. One on my list whose work I worship, is Lucio Fulci. He might not have been the nicest person to work with, but his dedication to his genre is the only thing that was important to me. I had thought about trying to attend his first American visit at the Fangoria Weekend of Horror in January 1996, but a few obstacles got in my way. First, I was just starting to make some good money at work. But second, the SNOW. We had just gotten hit with over 30 inches of snow, I wasn't going anywhere fast. I thought to myself, Fulci will be back. Boy, I do really regret that now.

It was around April that I heard about the mastero's passing. He had died on March 13 from complications from diabetes. Fangoria had mentioned it in passing and did a nice really piece on him in their July issue. I was shocked and deeply saddened. I mean I saw "Dawn of the Dead" and "Zombie" at about the same time and I think "Zombie" was every bit as good or better than Dawn. That night I stayed up and watched "Zombie", and "The Gates of Hell" and remembered the man and rejoiced in all the joy he brought me through the years. But I just didn't leave it at that. No, I began searching out Fulci's work and truly saw that his mastery transcended more than these two films. I saw "The Beyond" "House by the Cemetery", "Zombies 3", "Demonia" and "Cat in the Brain". Not all were masterpieces, but "The Beyond" and "Zombies 3" were pretty damn entertaining. IMHO Fulci did more for pure horror than any of the other Italian directors, including Argento, Bava, Lenzi, Deodato.

Why do I like the work of Fulci? Let me think..... Oh yeah the GORE!!!!(i.e imagery) Fulci had mastered the technique of bringing the audience to the edge of their seats and than shocking the shit out of them. I will never forget the eye ball puncturing scene or the shark attack from "Zombies", the drill scene from "The Gates of Hell", the little girl having the side of her head removed by a gunshot in "The Beyond", or the guy being quartered in "Demonia". Fulci used gore to its fullest potential without making it the main focus of his films and for those who think it was, you are missing out on the atmosphere and beauty of his work. He never sold out his work to the censors either. Also, Fulci just as Argento, was wonderful at using music for the atmosphere of his films.

Fulci's zombies are my favorite. They are the slow moving type. I love the look of the zombies, all decayed with maggots. I can't stand those fast moving zombies that can use weapon and all that other crazy shit (i.e. like talk). Well, there are a few exception of course (Return of the Living Dead, The Dead Next Door), but overall Fulci's zombies RULE!!!!!!

Lucio Fulci was an amazing filmmaker. He was a genius, a pioneer, and man who never received the credit he deserved. He was always overshadowed by Dario Argento, who IMHO has made nothing anywhere nearly as good as "Zombie", "Gates of Hell", and "The Beyond". Fulci's work will continue to live in my heart and hopefully in the hearts of all the fans that visit this site. Requiescat in Pace, Maestro--we will never forget the joy you brought us with your work. Your memory and films will never die.

NEW FLASH--WE DID IT!!!! With the help of the fans we got Lucio Fulci Elected into Fangoria's Horror Hall of Fame. The fans spoke and Fango had to listen. Thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Zombie Gates of Hell The Beyond

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