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As if you couldn't already tell from this site, "I love zombie movies"!!!! Just by looking at my all-time favorites about half deal with a zombie theme (I would even consider the Evil Dead movies a mix between demons and zombies). I have always loved zombies, because of their defeatability. I mean you can run by a zombie quite easily, but there's always that dumbass that wants to kill the poor defenseless zombie, only to become the main course when he is suddenly surrounded by 20 of the walking dead. Shoot them in the head, kill the brain. That's the only way to kill zombies, right. I can't stand zombies who can't be killed (with the exceptions of the Dead Next Door and Return of the Living Dead).

My all-time favorite zombie movie is Lucio Fulci's "Zombie". This awesome film has all the key ingredients that are necessary for a classic zombie epic. First, there are zombies and plenty of them. Second, there is plenty of gore, which is very well placed. Fulci was a master of gore, he used, but never abused it in "Zombie". The eyeball-puncturing scene is a classic. Third, there are plenty of exploding heads. These zombies are slow moving and easy to kill, but they seem to be everywhere. And, finally man is made to pay for messing with mother nature. "Zombie" movies always seem to deal in some way with the apocalypse. These are the things that not only make "Zombie" good, but great on the corpse scale.

Hopefully, these pages will serve as a fitting tribute to a man that was a true cinematic genius. Many people have turned their nose up at Fulci calling him a "hack", someone who never did anything original, but when was the last time anyone in Hollywood or elsewhere did something truly original. To those people I say, "your lost". I can't understand and don't respect you, if you have never allowed yourself to watch his films, based merely on rumors or hearsay. That is just plain wrong. Fulci rules and will live forever in the hearts of his fans!!!!!!!

I hope that this page, as well as, the site will help educate people about Fulci, a man who has met more to horror than most people are willing to give him credit for. Again, anything you can contribute to this site will be greatly appreciated. Go out, find "Zombie" and enjoy!!!!!!!


Army of Darkness

The story begins as a deserted boat sails silently into New York Harbor. Unsuspecting cops looking for a little booty (and no not that kind) are attacked by a zombie. He is quickly shot (not in the head) and falls into the harbor leaving one cop dead. Can you see where this could be heading?

The story than changes course.  Ann (Tisa Farrow) is called down to the boat, because it belongs to her father. She hasn't heard from him in a long time and decides to head off to the Caribbean Island of Matool.   She is accompanied by a newspaper reporter Peter West (Ian McCulloch). Arriving on the island, they y find it infested with the walking dead. Oh no....the drums!!! Is it voodoo, or something else bringing these dead bastards back to life?

Dr Menard (Richard Johnson) works feverishly to find a cure, while leaving his super hot wife to died a gruesome death at the hand of the undead. Her eyeball puncturing scene is truly magical cinematic moment (shown in exquisite detail on my Zombie pics & sounds page). There is also a great underwater scene where a zombie does battle with a shark. Tons of gore, but what do you expect from a zombie movie. But don't look behind you..........      



  • The actor scheduled to play the underwater zombie got sick at the last minute and had to be replaced by the shark's trainer.

  • The make-up effects were done by famed Italian, Gianetto De Rossi The make-up for the zombies was caked on in stages and Fulci  frequently referred to the extras as "walking flower pots".

  • Some people believe that "Zombie" would have been an excellent prequel, rather than a sequel.

  • Also known as "Zombie 2" in Italy, "Zombie Flesh Eaters" in the UK and "Island of the Walking Dead" elsewhere.

  • Zombie is currently banned in Finland and heavily censored in the UK.

  • Released as "Zombie 2" in most of Europe (as "Voodoo, Schreckensinsel der Zombies" (Voodoo, Horror Island of Zombies) in Germany, and "Zombie Flesh Eaters" in the UK) due to the popularity of Dawn of the Dead, which was released as "Zombie" by Argento. Followed up by three lesser non-sequels although I found "Zombie 3" quite entertaining. If you are into zombies the way I am, than this is a must see.

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Lucio Fulci passed away March 13, 1996. Rest in Peace Maestro.


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