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My commentary on horrorThe strength of good horror in my eyes has always rested with the director. Many people say that special effects are the key ingredients to a successful horror film, but I have to disagree. I've seen my share of exceptional fx in films where there was no direction. Some of the most effective horror is built on what we don't see. We will always be more afraid of the unknown, than what is set before us. The directors I will highlight in these pages are all "masters" of the horror.

Of course with horror, we cannot overlook the use of gore. It is a great motivator of frighten and a staple of the genre. All of these directors have used it in various degree to propel the storyline. Do not frown upon it....but rather "embrace the gore".

All of these directors, IMHO, have helped to shape horror as we know it today. And not to neglect the founding fathers of the past, I will be doing a page dedicated to "classic horror directors". This page  will include James Whale, Terence Fisher, Tod Browning, Roger Corman, and many, many more.  Please feel free to e-mail me with questions, comments, criticisms, and suggestions at

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