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RE: Eurohorror

I enjoyed your Eurohorror section very much, as well as your page in general. I think that many fans don't realize how lucky they are to live in the USA, which has probably the most leniant restrictions on films in the world. Movies like EVIL DEAD, DAWN OF THE DEAD, ZOMBIE, GATES OF HELL, THE BEYOND, and others are virtually impossible to find in uncut forms (if at all) in many nations. Case in point: a friend of mine from Norway visited last summer and we watched DAWN OF THE DEAD. He was so impressed that he wanted to buy a copy to take home with him, but he was unable to get it past customs. God bless the Constitution!!!!!!!!!



Giga Bastard

RE: The Gates of hell

I recall the first night I ever saw a film by Lucio Fulci. I read about Fulci constantly in my favorite horror film mag, he was always given high praise for his films filled with disturbing imagery. One night, I went to the video store that I haunt looking for a good horror film. Being the horror enthusiast that I am, I've seen just about every one of the films they had in stock, but I was always hesitant about renting The Gates of Hell. I was curious about the film, constantly reading the back, but never took it home. I felt there was some force keeping me from renting it. Anyways, this night I sucked in my gut and rented it. Man!! What a roller coaster ride that was. In all of the years I've been alive I had never found a horror film that truly scared me, besides The Exorcist in which I was 12 yrs old when i saw it, I found one. Not only did it scare me it stayed in my mind. I'm not a very religious person, but later that night after watching that I started to wonder if i was going to burn in hell for viewing it. This movie frightened me so that I felt I had to talk to god about it. So, now I'm a huge Fulci fan. I found someone who could actually scare me. I still watch the Gates of Hell, I handle it better, but man do I twitch  in my chair through most of it.


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