Blu-ray Review: DEAR MR. GACY

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Dec 14, 2010, 8:47 PM

William Forsythe is a beast!  Seriously, what an actor.  He is incredible and he has turned in one of his most riveting performances ever in DEAR MR. GACY a recounting of the novel THE LAST VICTIM and one of the most disturbing films I've watched in quite a while.

THE LAST VICTIM was written by Jason Moss and it recounted Jason's time spent as a pen pal to the notorious serial killer JOHN WAYNE GACY.  In an attempt to produce a memorable college thesis Moss contacts GACY while he is on death row, befriends him and ending up in a cat and mouse game that will change him forever.

Having not yet read the book I can't attest to how closely DEAR MR. GACY follows the text but I can tell you that the film is most definitely not miss material.

As I began mentioning above, WILLIAM FORSYTHE is nothing short of amazing.  Seriously, it's a Oscar-worthy spin.  I have always found Mr. Forsythe to be an above average talent but this one ratchets him to a new level in my book.

Although Forsythe certainly is the brightest point in this film it is across the board one of the best acted films this year.  Jesse Moss portrays Jason Moss and does so in impeccable style.  Starting the film as an overly ambitious college student and ending as a mere shell of himself the journey we witness is as fascinating as it is heartbreaking.  Truly riveting from frame one.

The crimes that John Wayne Gacy committed were heinous acts of a true madman but he is made all the more frightening when you witness just how manipulative and insane this dude was.

While completely horrifying this film manages to do it without showing excess gore or violence.  Certainly the things Gacy did were violent but they are pretty much just discussed, not shown, which makes it all the more disturbing.  While the ending is certainly the most physically violent part of the picture the mental turmoil that Gacy puts Moss through throughout the film is far more damaging than anything he tries to do on a physical level.

Make sure to watch all the way to the very end as there are some "actual" clips that are used that are sure to haunt you for a while.

DEAR MR. GACY does what any great horror film should, it sticks with you for a while after the end credits run.  I can't think of any greater kudos to give to a film.

ANCHOR BAY has released the film in both Blu-ray and standard DVD.  It actually came out yesterday Tueday Dec. 14th and I'm telling you, you want to see this film. 

Special features wise you get a making of featurette titled THE GACY FILES: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER  that shows how they used the facts of the case to construct the film.  They talk with cast, crew and folks that knew John Wayne Gacy.

A really good film that tells a heartbreaking story that will rivet you while watching a stay in your head for a while after the viewing.  Go get it.  It's great.


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