DVD Review: OTIS
 By Dave Dreher

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Jun 12, 2008, 11:45 pm

I don't know, maybe it's just me but it sure seems like a lot of these DVD's coming out lately with the little "blurbs" that make the film sound like a "must see" event have pretty much sucked.  Needless to say when I got the DVD of OTIS and seen blurbs praising it as a horror gem and calling it the horror equivalent to JUNO I immediately became suspicious.

Once again I am proven right.

OTIS is unfortunately a boring mediocre at best attempt at a serial killer / psycho  tale that fails on just about every level a film can.  The only notable reasons to watch this film are the great performances turned in by Kevin Pollack and also Jere Burns who is great as the wack job FBI agent.

The tale is well worn and unoriginal but lets dive into it anyway.


Otis is our resident nut case.  He lives with his brother (portrayed by Kevin Pollack) and delivers pizza at night and oh yeah he also has a hidden room under his house where he keeps hotties that he has abducted and lives out his high school prom fantasies with.

Otis keeps them in this room, dresses them up, dances with them and then ultimately ends up violently killing them when they inevitably piss him off.  We meet up with OTIS as he is finishing off his latest victim and begins looking for a new "date".  Since he is a pizza delivery guy he stalks his prey while delivering the tasty hot pizza goodness.  We meet up with the new victim and her family (portrayed by Daniel Stern, Illena Douglas and Ashley Johnson) as Otis is dropping off their pizza and Riley (Johnson) answers the door when he rings the bell.  The next day he shows up and stuff her into the hatchback of his car and we are off to the races.

Riley awakens in OTIS's little love room to find herself shackled to the floor and the apple of OTIS's eye.

This and that happens and Riley ends up escaping and returns home to her parents who decide rather then giving the wealth of info that Riley has on her abducter to the FBI dude (Burns) they will take matter into their own hands and avenge the brutality committed to their daughter.  They sneak into OTIS's house, not knowing what he looks like and promptly end up beat the shit out of and eventually killing his brother (Pollack)  by mistake.  They quickly realize that they have just committed murder and develop a plan that complicates things even further.

I'll leave the ending for you to watch for yourself.

On a bright note there is some very good acting done in this film.  I enjoyed several of the proformences.  I guess the bulk of my problems with the film stem from the tedious writing and the lack of any new or interesting plot lines or character development. 

I strongly urge all of you to check this film out for yourself.  It is not horrible it just isn't as good as some other reviewers would lead you to believe.

JUNO it is not   Ground breaking it is not.  Hilarious it is not.

Well acted it is and that may be just enough for some of you to enjoy this one.

OTIS is available now pretty much everywhere.


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