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 By Caretaker

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Oct 2, 2006, 8:10 am

Greetings horror fiends, here is you chance to win a pair of tickets to the hottest and scariest musical to hit Broadway in years, Evil Dead The Musical. The fine folks behind the show have been kind enough to give us 3 pairs of tickets to what is bound to be the most amazing horror musical in history.

The musical encompasses both Evil Dead films and Army of Darkness. Here is a synopsis:

"Our story begins as five college students arrive at an abandoned cabin in the woods and accidentally unleash an evil force that one-by-one turns them all into bloodthirsty demons. Suddenly surrounded, it's up to our hero Ash (a Houseware Employee turned Demon-Killer) and his trusty chainsaw to save the day."

With such catchy song titles as All The Men In My Life Keep Getting Killed By Candarian Demons, Hail To The King, and What the F--K was That, they will have you rolling in the aisles, as you watch your favorite movie come to life on stage with singing and dancing zombies.

The show opens to the public on Monday October 2nd at the New World Stage at 340 West 50th Street between 8th and 9th avenue in Manhattan. The official opening for the show begins on Wednesday, November 1st and is set for an unlimited run. Tickets are available at the box office or online at our official site

Read our exclusive interview with Christopher Bond, co-director and co-creator of Evil Dead The Musical. 

To enter send you complete mailing address to and put Evil Dead The Musical in the Subject Line.

Contest runs from 10/02/2006-10/31/2006

Tickets will be given as e-vouchers the winners to submit for a date and time of their choosing for show. The tickets cannot be exchange or refunded. The musical is be performed at the
New World Stages in the heart of Manhattan in New York City. Transportation and hotel accommodations are the responsibility of the contest winners


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