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Pinhead in Hell on Earth


After being killed by the Channard Cenobite, he became trapped
in the Pillar of Souls. He was brought back without his human side
by JP's blood and was released from the Pillar after killing Sandy
and JP. Free of Hell's laws and his human side, he wanted to
take over Earth with his hell-given powers.

Terri Cenobite

She was made into a Cenobite by
Pinhead. As a Cenobite, she has a cigarette coming out of a neck wound and the skin of her hands peeled back.

Terri Cenobite


Cameraman for Channel 8 and Joey's friend. He died in the Boiler Room Massacre when Pinhead cut off his head. He
was turned into the Cenobite Camerahead. As a Cenobite, he has a camera lens where his right eye should be and can
broadcast images to nearby TVs.


Bartender at the Boiler Room.  He was turned into the Cenobite
Barbie by Pinhead. As a Cenobite, he has barbed wire wrapped around his body and face, and he carries a glass and
mixer filled with gasoline. He breathes fire, which ignites the gasoline. His eyes are shut and he is mute.


A victim of the Boiler Room Massacre, the Boiler
Room DJ was turned into a Cenobite by Pinhead.
He has five CDs in his head and one in his neck. He's
mute and throws CDs that come out of his chest as

J.P. Cenobite

After the ER patient stole the Box from the Pillar,
there was a hole in it. JP stuck his hand into the hole

and was bitten by a rat. His spilled blood on the Pillar reawakened Pinhead. He decided to help Pinhead escape
the Pillar after Pinhead absorbed Sandy. He tried to give him Terri, but Pinhead took him instead and made him
into a Cenobite with a piston pumping through its head.

J.P. Cenobite

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