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This was the first Fangoria Weekend of Horror that I have ever attended and I was prepared for the worst. I had heard so many people bad mouth this show that I thought they were talking' about my mama. I heard " they will only have a 5 or 6 vendors"," half the guest won't show up", and "everything is over-priced". Really my biggest fear was being overrun by a hordes of   "Scream" fans. So after taking this all in I was thoroughly prepared for a weekend of real horror.

Boy, was I wrong this was great. The guests, the fans, and even the vendors were all pretty good. Sure things were overpriced, but that's the name of the game at conventions. All the guest showed up. Everything ran pretty well. My only complain was the loser who ran security. I am not talking about the real security, but those wannabe Star Trek rejects. What a bunch of dicks. I felt like beating a few of them senseless.

The highlight for me was meeting George Romero and Paul Naschy. Two great horror icons. This made the weekend for me. George is just a "god" in my book and he was so nice and took the time to speak with each fan. We need more people like George Romero. Paul Naschy was great also. I wish I could speak a little Spanish. I had so many questions. I think this weekend meant the world to Paul and hopefully, this visit will help to re-ignite his horror career. Bravo, Fango for bring these two special guest to NYC and not selling out the horror fans. I can't wait to next year. Bring on Peter Jackson!!!!

"George A. Romero"

"Paul Naschy"

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Special Thanks to Brian Kessie for these great shots. Visit him at the Horror Hotel.

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