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GRINDHOUSE RELEASING, the new leader in quality exploitation, is proud to announce an amazing event of unprecedented importance -- the upcoming North American theatrical release of THE BEYOND. Our ultimate goal since acquiring the rights to this nightmare masterpiece was to return it to the location where it truly belonged -- the big screen. With its widescreen anamorphic aspect ratio and masterful cinematography, a motion picture as incredible as THE BEYOND demands to be seen in the theater, especially with a full audience of rabid horror fans. Grindhouse has taken a lot of criticism for holding back the long-anticipated laserdisc release of THE BEYOND (which will be without doubt worth the wait, with a beautiful new digital transfer, stereo surround soundtrack, commentary from Catriona MacColl and the late, great David Warbeck and dozens of supplemental extras including an on-set interview with Lucio Fulci, foreign trailers, dozens of stills and publicity materials, and lots of
other surprises). However, when we realized that we had a good chance of obtaining a big theatrical release for THE BEYOND, we put all of this silly video stuff on the shelf.

And now, after almost two years of negotiating and planning, the impending theatrical release of THE BEYOND is a reality, as Grindhouse Releasing enters into a partnership with Quentin Tarantino's Rolling Thunder Pictures and New York specialty distributor Cowboy Films to present THE BEYOND in all its UNCUT, UNRATED FULLY UNCENSORED widescreen glory on the giant screen!!!! No sell-outs here. The deal almost went up in flames (and deservedly so) when
it looked as if releasing the movie to theaters would require censorship at the hands of the MPAA fascists to obtain an R-rating, but we refused the easy route and fought to keep Lucio's vision fully intact and unexpurgated. We would have rather burned the picture than cut it. Even though this fight
caused the release to be delayed by almost a year, ultimately, we prevailed with the help of the tireless, freedom-fighting staffs of both Rolling Thunder and Cowboy Films. And the ability to enjoy the uncut wonders of THE BEYOND on the big screen in these ultra-conservative, politically correct, Orwellian
'90's will be an experience enough to restore everyone's will to live and faith in cinema

Alright everyone, here is the information that you have been waiting for. Grindhouse Releasing in association with Rolling Thunder Pictures and Cowboy Booking International are giving Lucio Fulci's masterpiece "The Beyond" a nationwide theatrical release kicking off on Friday June 12 with midnight shows in seven cursed theaters in the seven dreaded cities -- New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Austin, Toronto, and Boston. More details on the theatrical release (UNDER SCHEDULE) and the pending laserdisc forthcoming.

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