Fear is an instinct so strongly etched into our society today and many have become desensitized by the horror that is the world. They have become blank slates, waddling through the chores of everyday existence who need to be scared back to reality, otherwise they will foolishly accept the world around them.  Horror is the drug to cure this ills and once injected into our souls, it frees us and allowing us to escape, if only for a brief time....the darkness of life. The instruments that fuel our passions are the men, women, and personalities that have brought these terrors to life on the silver screen and in the safety of our homes. They are the characters that we cheer for and those we root against. The ones we hope escape that which lurks in the darkness and those bastards we hope that die a thousand times over.

The following is a list of actors, actresses, and personalities that we think have changed the way we watch horror.  Recently, I attended a horror convention and became re-introduced to many of the men who laid the foundation for modern horror. Men like Lugosi, Karloff, Chaney Sr. and Jr. Men that many young horror fans may not be accustomed to, but should be. Men who greatly influenced my love of horror early on, but have been absence from my memory for too many years. In these hallow halls they will be revered along side many of today's stars, because without them there would be no horror.

This is a list of my all-times favorite actors, actress, and personalities. Hopefully through research we can better understand the men and women behind the movies. We will be adding to this list over time. Again, as always, anything that you can added to these pages would be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail us with questions, comments, and criticism. Let's not forget our past or we will have no future.


Vincent Price

Christopher Lee Peter Cushing

Kane Hodder

Robert Englund

Gunnar Hansen

Bruce Campbell


Jeffery Combs Paul Naschy

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