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After of string of strange murders in the Hollywood/LA area,   I along with my esteemed colleague, Dr. Thomas Juritzen, while working with a Special FBI Taskforce, were able to examine numerous autopsy reports to compile the following complete listings of all Freddy Krueger's (post-lynch mob) victims. This list also does not include the reported 20 children Freddy Krueger savagely brutalized and killed prior to his death. Hopefully, that information will be added to this report in the future.  We have been able to provide the victims names and proposed method of death. Hopefully, this Hell spawn will never revisit this world or our dreams.......

A Nightmare On Elm Street

Name: Tina
(Amanda Wyss)
Cause of Death: Freddy slashes her across her chest, then uses her to knock Rod to the floor, then drags her up a wall and across a ceiling.
Murder-weapon: Glove with razor-tipped fingers.

Name: Rod
(Nick Corri)
Cause of Death: Freddy hangs him from the ceiling of his cell. Eventually he chokes, and his neck is broken.
Murder-weapon: Bed-covers.

Name: Glen
(Johnny Depp)
Cause of Death: He is pulled into his bed by Freddy. Moments later a torrent of blood surges out, splashing across the ceiling, and carrying Glen's chewed-up, pulpy remains with it.
Murder-weapon: Unknown, but speculated to be glove.

Name: Marge Thompson
(Ronee Blakley)
Cause of Death: Freddy straddles her in her bed while on fire, choking her.
Murder-weapon: none, unless you count the flames.

A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge

Name: Coach Schneider.
(Marshall Bell)
Cause of Death: Multiple lacerations to the torso after being viciously whipped over his ass by a pair of towels.
Murder-weapon: razor-glove.

Name: Grady.
(Robert Rusler)
Cause of Death: Four large stab-wounds to the stomach.
Murder-weapon: razor-glove.

Name: unknown/teenage boy
(Jonathan Hart).
Cause of Death: Four slash-wounds to the torso.
Murder-weapon: razor-glove.

Name: unknown/teenage girl
(Kerry Remsen).
Cause of Death: Tries to climb over a fence; falls down and is roasted by flames.
Murder-weapon: flames.

Name: unknown/teenage boy
(Steven Smith).
Cause of Death: Slashwounds to the torso.
Murder-weapon: razor-glove.

Name: Kerry
(Sydney Walsh).
Cause of Death: Freddy shoves his clawed hand into her back and out of her chest.
Murder-weapon: razor-glove.

Note: Freddy also kills two parakeets. It is also worth knowing that in the script, far more kids died at the party. Freddy was slashing and roasting people left and right, and those who were stupid enough to still be in the pool were boiled alive.

A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors

Name: Phillip
(Bradley Gregg)
Cause of Death: Arms and legs sliced open, veins used as strings and body used as marionette. Freddy walks Phillip to a high tower and cuts his strings, making him fall to his death.
Murder-weapon: The glove

Name: Zsa Zsa Gabor
(Zsa Zsa Gabor)
Cause of Death: Guest on Dick Cavett's TV program when Cavett turns into Freddy and slices Zsa Zsa (off-screen).
Murder-weapon: The glove

Name: Jennifer
(Penelope Sudrow)
Cause of Death: Tries to stay awake by watching TV, but the set morphs into Freddy, lifting Jennifer up and smashing her head into the monitor.
Murder-weapon: Television monitor

Name: Taryn
(Jennifer Rubin)
Cause of Death: Freddy corners her and injects her with massive drugs via some very
innovative needles.
Murder-weapon: hyperdermic needles (eight of them)

Name: Will
(Ira Heiden)
Cause of Death: Freddy, after being shocked by some high-voltage electro-waves, lifts him up and stabs him.
Murder-weapon: The glove

Name: Lt. Don Thompson
(John Saxon)
Cause of Death: Tried to bury Freddy's bones in an car junkyard, but the bones come alive and impale the police officer on the fin of a Cadillac.
Murder-weapon: car

Name: Nancy Thompson
(Heather Langenkamp)
Cause of Death: Tricked into thinking that her father was visiting her, Nancy stepped into Freddy's arms and he stabbed her in the stomach. Notable because this was a "surprise" finale and was paybacks of sorts since Nancy was the first character to defeat Freddy.
Murder-weapon: The glove

A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

Name: Kincaid

Name: Kincaid
(Ken Sagoes)
Cause of Death: Freddy traps him in the junkyard where Freddy was buried. While Kincaid is trying to escape Krueger catches up with him and gets him in the stomach.
Murder-weapon: Glove with razor-tipped fingers

Name: Joey
(Rodney Eastman)
Cause of Death: Freddy seduces Joey as he did in Dream Warriors pretending to be a woman trapped in his water bed. After she disappears Freddy pops out of the bed and makes short work of him.
Murder-weapon: Glove with razor-tipped fingers

Name: Kristen
(Tuesday Knight)
Cause of Death: While in her dream she falls into quicksand and ends up in Freddy's boiler room. Freddy throws her into the furnace.
Murder-weapon: Furnace Flame

Name: Sheila
(Toy Newkirk)
Cause of Death: While asleep in class Freddy kisses her on the lips then sucking her insides out.
Murder-weapon: Freddy's Mouth

Name: Rick
(Andras Jones)
Cause of Death: Rick ends up in a karate match with Krueger.
Murder-weapon: Razor-Glove

Name: Debbie
(Brooke Theiss)
Cause of Death: While falling asleep she finds herself inside a large box that turns out to be a roach-motel. She's hideously transformed into a roach and gets stuck to the sticky floor allowing Freddy to squash her/it with ease.
Murder-weapon: Gloveless hand

A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child

Name: Dan Name: Dan (Danny Hassel)
Cause of Death: Gruesomely transformed into a motorcycle and had a head-on collision with a semi.
Murder-weapon: Freddy's bag of tricks (unknown)

Name: Greta
(Erika Anderson)
Cause of Death: Whiny spoiled rich girl had her cake and ate it too! Freddy the Waiter
gracefully sliced Greta open and forced her to eat, well, herself, in front of her mother's
formal dinner party.
Murder-weapon: The glove and bad after taste (pardon the pun)

Name: Mark
(Joe Seely)
Cause of Death: A comic-book style showdown between Mark and "Super Freddy" (Big K wearing a cape and sporting quite the square face) ended up with Mark being turned into paper, being drained of all its color, and being ripped to shreads by Freddy.
Murder-weapon: Freddy magic and the glove

Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare

Name: Carlos
(Ricky Dean Logan)
Cause of Death: Freddy turns Carlos' hearing-aid into a super-powerful hearing-aid, Krueger then starts to rub his claws on a chalkboard. Carlos can't stand the pain anymore, so his head explodes.
Murder-weapon: Strong Hearing-Aid

Name: Spencer
(Breckin Meyer)
Cause of Death: He is put into a video game where he is fighting off all these characters.
Freddy takes control over him like a puppet and starts ramming him into the wall and ceiling and stomping him to death.
Murder-weapon: Feet

Name: John Doe
(Shon Greenblatt)
Cause of Death: John is falling from the sky, and Freddy puts a bed of spikes on the ground to break his fall.
Murder-weapon: Bed of spikes

Wes Craven's New Nightmare

Names: Chuck and Terry

Names: Chuck and Terry
(Matt Winston & Rob LaBelle)
Cause of Death: On the set of the newest "Nightmare on Elm Street" movie, the
"Terminator"-style glove comes alive and causes hysteria! It attacks the special FX guys first, ripping one's throat out and stabbing the other in the back.
Murder-weapon: The glove

Name: Chase Porter
(David Newsom)
Cause of Death: After getting a call from wife Heather Langenkamp, he races home on a
3-hour drive at dark. Needless to say, he falls asleep while driving and Freddy strikes. The glove impaled Chase in the chest and ripped him open from neck to groin.
Murder-weapon: The glove

Name: Julie
(Tracy Middendorf)
Cause of Death: Julie is cursed by just being a friend to Heather and her son. She's wide
awake, but Dylan dreams Freddy into reality and he strikes, dragging a bloody Julie up the wall of a hospital and across the ceiling. Like Tina's murder in the original, Freddy is not visible in reality, but Julie's body flopping all over the place is. Freddy tires of this and eventually ends Julie's life by breaking her neck.
Muder-weapon: The glove

By the sole power invested in me by this office this is a complete listing of Freddy Krueger's victims to date 04/05/98.. His whereabouts are unknown and any further killings attributed to Krueger will become part of this report.

Quincy, M.E.




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