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When you look closely at the state of horror today, the picture is pretty bleak. Sure they will try to fool you with some candy coated movie, such as "Scream" and say horror is making a comeback, but they are wrong. The future of horror has finally settled into the rolling hills of North Hollywood. That is the home of one of my favorite horror directors, J.R. Bookwalter. I had the pleasure of discovery J.R.'s works a few months ago, he is truly one of horrors hidden treasures. It all happened one day when I was thumbing through an issue of Fangoria. I saw an ad from E.I. Independent Cinema regarding a movie called "The Dead Next Door". The only thing I knew about this movie is that Bruce Campbell was in it or had something to do with it, so I ordered. As soon as I got the video I ripped it open. The cover was cool, but nothing about Bruce. So I decided to watch the movie and I was really shocked, it was awesome. I said, "who is this Bookwalter fellow, he is one helluva director". "The Dead Next Door" ranks right up there on the zombie scale with "Dawn of the Dead." After watching this movie, I had to see some more Bookwalter films. I got "The Sandman" almost as good as the "The Dead Next Door." I also got "Ozone" and "Polymorph", Bookwalter's most recent film and they too were entertaining, but not up to the standards of DND and Sandman. And recently I saw J.R.'s lastest feature, Bloodletting. How come I had never heard of J.R. Bookwalter before? So I decided to e-mail J.R. from his WebPages at Tempe Entertainment to find out and I was surprised to get a response.

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