Halloween: The Sequels


Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael MyersThe Story

The story begins with a slight recap of the end of Part 4. Michael is shot several times and falls down a pit that is dynamited closed. He's dead, right?!?! Wrong!!! He manages to escape into the river that takes him downstream, where he comes into the care of a mountain hermit (Harper Roisman). Again he slips back into a coma (kinda like a bear hibernating for the winter) only to wake up a year later.... on Halloween. Wow, that always seems to happen and being the good houseguest that he is, Michael kills the hermit for good measure. Off to Haddonfield.

Back in Haddonfield, we find little Jamie (Danielle Harris) spending her days and nights in the Haddonfield Children's Clinic. Seems at the end of Part 4... she kind of attacked her foster mother ala her famous uncle. Now mute and speaking only with sign language, the nightmares return to Jamie. She knows that death is coming and anyone getting in his way better watch out.

One by one, the victims fall by the waste side as Michael stalks Jamie. Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) is there to help, but the film starts to get a little lame. Loomis uses Jamie as bait to lure Michael back to the Myers House, where he is later captured. Oh, I forgot to mention the mysterious "Man in Black" who lurks in the shadows only appearing at the end to break Michael out of jail. This is the only cool plot point in the whole film and it is all explained in the next installment.

Halloween 5:
The Revenge of Michael Myers




This one is a real stinker. In my opinion, it is the worst sequel in the "Halloween" series. What is it about Part 5's in horror series??? (See Friday the 13th: A New Beginning for more information). I didn't really care for the whole "Jamie" story line. One minute you see her as a scared little kid running for her life and the next, she seems to be leaning towards becoming Michael's successor. Luckily, that didn't happen in the next film. Recommendation...not here, only if you are a Halloween completist such as I.

Halloween: The Curse of Michael MyersThe Story

It's has been six years since the Haddonfield last celebrated Halloween, but the curse of Michael Myers still lingers. Six years earlier, Michael Myers, his niece Jamie, and the "Man in Black" disappeared after the explosive ending of Part 5. Presumed dead, the story begins with Jamie giving birth to Michael's child. With a little help, Jamie is able to escape with her newborn and the nightmare begins again. As she is heading back to Haddonfield, but Michael catches up and kills her, but not before she gets out a warning over the radio to Dr. Loomis. But what about the baby???

It seems a now grown Tommy Doyle (Paul Rudd) was also listen that night and he knows that Michael's coming home. Tommy never really got over his first experience with Michael (he was the little boy Laurie Strode was babysitting) and now is obsessed with him. He heads out searching for the baby and when he finds it, he contacts Dr. Loomis and tells him that he knows how to kill Michael.

At the same time, the family that adopted Laurie Strode have moved back into the Myers' house. The illegitimate some of the female lead, Kara Strode (Marianne Hagan), begins to hear voices that tell him to kill his family. Guess who's room he shares in his new house??? You guessed Michael's. One by one, Michael starts to take out his relatives (the Strode) as he hunts down his newborn son.

As the story concludes, we find out that Michael's curse goes much deeper than simple psychotic behavior. The whole "Curse of Thorn" was an interesting idea... but  I only wish that they could have delved into a few sequels earlier. Smith's Grove sanitarium seems to be serving as the breeding ground for "pure evil".

The Curse of Michael Myers




This was Donald Pleasence last film and may be the main reason for the change from the original ending of this film. Donald Pleasence is as much a part of the "Halloween" legacy as John Carpenter and Michael Myers are. I can’t even imagine anyone else playing the part of Dr. Samuel Loomis. Donald you will always live in our hearts. In Loving Memory of Donald Pleasence (1919-1995) Overall, this is probably one of my favorite "Halloween" films. I am in the process of securing a copy of the "Producer Cut" which is supposedly a totally different film. I will report back on it at a later date.

Halloween H20The Story

It's 20 years after the night HE came home and Michael seems to be itching for another family reunion. But isn't his sister dead??? After a some intensive investigating and a few throat slashings, Michael heads out to claim the prize that eluded him 20 years earlier .... Laurie Strode.

So she faked her own death in a car crash, changed her name (Keri Tate), and is now headmistress at a prestigious private academy where she lives with her 17 year old son John (Josh Hartnett). But Keri, I mean Laurie, can't escape the demons that haunt her. The memories of that fateful Halloween night when her brother came home, killed a bunch of her friends, and went after her. It seems she still thinks he's out there waiting for a chance to finish what he started. And guess what? Her least favorite holiday has just arrived. So break out the booze and prescription drugs, because HALLOWEEN is here and so is Michael.





As a slight Oedipus complex brews below the surface, Laurie reluctantly gives John permission to go away on a Halloween school trip to Yosemite. But John's got another idea. Why not skip out on the trip for a little sex, drugs, and partying with his extremely hot girlfriend Molly (Michelle Williams), and friends Sarah (Jodi Lynn O'Keefe) and Charlie (Adam  Hann-Byrd). They've got the whole school to themselves...what could be better?????

Let the slaughtering begin. Michael comes and works his magic on a couple of the kids and the school counselor (Adam Arkin). But this time Laurie's not running. She is going to put to an end to what Michael started 20 years early. I won't tell you the end, but you may lose your head.


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