Halloween: The Sequels

Although I am not a big fan of all of the movies in the "Halloween" series of films, I believe that as a body of work it was necessary that I provide an overview of each. As you will see I am a fan of "Halloween 2" and "Halloween 3". The rest of the films are sub-par in my opinion except for "Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers" which was slightly better than average, but nothing to write your friends in the asylum about. So join me as I explore the franchise that John Carpenter and Debra Hill created and Hollywood has run into the ground.


Halloween II The Story

The Nightmare isn't over... and boy truer words haven't been spoken!!!!! "The Night He Came Home" continues. The story picks up right where "Halloween" ended. Michael, after being shot several times by Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence), falls off a balcony to his apparent death. But wait a minute kiddies, if it were that easy, "why did they make a second film"? Because the indestructible one isn't finished what he started.

As the story moves on, we see a badly injured Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) being taken to the hospital as Loomis proclaims, "I shot him six times". This is challenged by Sheriff Brackett's equally memorable reply, "you must have missed". In the background, we see Michael lurking, biding his time, and leaving dead bodies in his wake as he continues to stalk Laurie. Fanatically, Loomis leads a manhunt searching for the masked one as Laurie recovers in an eerily empty Haddonfield Memorial Hospital.

Back at Haddonfield Memorial, Mike wants in,  but "visiting hours" are over. So he uses his own brand of persuasions with any handy dandy instrument of destruction (i.e. scalpels, syringes, etc) he can get his hands on. Maybe Michael missed he true calling, but I think he would have had a hard time letting his patients live (HA HA). The killings in this film are much more brutal than the first. This should make us gore hounds, who cried foul with the first film, a little happier. But be warned...it isn't over the top gore, but rather stylish as only Carpenter can deliver.

Halloween II




After Dr. Loomis finds out the true motive to Michael's rage, he quickly heads over to the hospital to save Laurie. I think this the best part of the film. In "Halloween," we were lead to believe that the reason Michael is killing was to reap revenge on the town that locked him up for 15 years. But alas, it goes much deeper and I won't tell. The ending is quite spectacular and may be the real reason part III didn't have Michael in it. Rent this film now!!! It is almost as good as the original "Halloween".

Halloween III: Season of the WitchThe Story

As the film begins, we see an elderly man running for his life gripping what appears to be a child's Halloween mask. Either he is suffering from an acute regression back to his childhood or just trying to save the world from pending doom. In most cases, I'd go with the first explanation, but not in this film. Next we see a TV commercial for Silver Shamrock masks. Eerily the jingle rings to the tune of "London Bridge". "Eight more days to Halloween, Halloween, Halloween. Eight more days to Halloween, Silver Shamrock." The commercial ends with the announcer reminding all the kids to make sure they have their masks on and are in front of the TV for a special message on Halloween. The screen goes out and the horror begins.

While recovering in the hospital, the man is brutally murdered. His assailant then walks back to his car and sets himself on fire. Very weird!!! The on-call physician that night is Dr. Daniel Challis (Tom Atkin), who witnesses this disturbance and decides to dig for more information. He teams up with Ellie (Stecey Nelkin), the daughter of the murdered man, and off they head to his last known whereabouts, Silver Shamrock Novelties...the world largest makers of Halloween masks.

As they arrive in Santa Mira, they find a small company town run by toy maker, Conal Cochran (Dan O'Herlihy). During their stay at the local motel, they meet a few other retailers who are up picking up orders. Challis and Ellie decide to sneak into the factory and find out what is really going on. Inside, they are captured by Cochran's goon (they're not what they seem) and find out that he is responsible for stealing one of the rocks from Stonehenge. But why???

Halloween III:
The Season of the Witch



His fiendish plot is to cleanse the world. Embedded on each mask is a computer chip that contains a sliver of the Stonehenge rock. When the wearer watches the commercial on Halloween, the mystical power of the chip will release an energy blast that will result in the wearer's being severely mutilated. But what about the children??? Dr. Challis and Ellie are their last hope. Do they succeed??? I won't tell, rent the film. The ending is awesome!!!!! 

"Billed as a "non-sequel sequel", John Carpenter and Debra Hill decided to take the "Halloween" franchise in another direction and hoped to bank on the previous film's success. Unfortunately, the fans wanted Michael Myers and the film bombed miserably. It's too bad, because the story line for "Halloween III" was very interesting. In fact, if they would have just called it anything other than "Halloween", I think it could have been more successful.

Halloween 4: The return of Michael MyersThe Story

As the story begins we find out that Michael Myers (George Wilbur) has survived the numerous bullet wounds, falls, eye gouging, and the fire that engulfed him that faithful Halloween night 10 years earlier. He waits patiently in a deep coma as the State prepares to transfer him to Smith Grove Sanitarium. Guess what happens next??? Bingo!!! He escapes leaving a trail of carnage in his wake as he heads back to Haddonfield to take care of some unfinished business. And what a coincidence, it is almost Halloween.

Back if Haddonfield, we find out that Laurie Strode has recently died in a car accident with her husband. So why is Michael heading back to Haddonfield??? Well, it seemed Laurie orphaned a daughter, Jamie and she having nightmares about the Boogieman. Michael cuts and slashes his way through any and all that get in his way as he hunts down Jamie. Donald Pleasence returns as the memorable Dr. Loomis hot on the trail of Michael. This movie has a pretty high body count for a "Halloween" film, but quite a few of them happen off-screen. The ending offers the only unique twist in a below average horror film. But where will it take us? Probably to part 5. See "more reviews" below.

Halloween 4:
The Return of Michael Myers




It took 7 years to resurrect Michael Myers. So why did it take so long?? This was the movie series that started the "slasher sequel" trend. The filmmakers decided to go back to it's bread and butter, Michael Myers, after witnessing the continued success of both the "Nightmare on Elm Street" and the "Friday the 13th" series. But did they wait so long?? With the release of Part 4 in 1988, the whole slasher genre was beginning its downswing. But I guess they thought there was still money to be made with the series, even if the movies weren't that great.


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