Jason at age 1.




The future Pamela Sue (last name unknown) Voorhees is born. She will marry Elias Voorhees and bear two children.


Jason Voorhees is born to Pamela Sue and Elias Voorhees.


Glub glub.....


Jason drowns while swimming at Camp Crystal Lake; the body is never recovered.

1957-1965:(exact date is unknown)

A girl is born to Pamela and Elias Voorhees; She is named is Diana. (In "Jason Goes to Hell", Diana appears to be in her late 30's/early 40's making her birthday sometime within the stated dates. Pamela says Jason is her "only child" in the first film, but it is possible that Diana was put up for adoption after her birth.)

1958:Camp Blood

Two Camp Crystal Lake counselors are murdered; the killer is never found. "Camp Blood" becomes the locations nickname sometimes thereafter.


Attempts to reopen Camp Crystal Lake are met with fire. The person responsible is never apprehended. (Enos, while giving Annie a ride to "Camp Blood" in the original, mentioned the fires. One may assume than others attempted to reopen the camp have were met with arson as a deterrent. Presumably, Pamela set the blazes, indicating that the perpetrator was never caught.)


Another effort to reopen Camp Crystal Lake is aborted due to the water being bad. The jinx legend continues.


Steve Christie attempts to reopen Camp Crystal Lake. He and his counselors are slaughtered by Pamela Sue Voorhees; only a girl named Alice survives.("Friday the 13th") (In "The Final Chapter", we see Pamela's gravestone, indicating her birth and death dates and setting up a starting years for the series.)

Two months later, Alice disappears. The case is considered a homicide based on the traces of her blood on the walls of her apartment. The body is never recovered.(In Part 2, at the campfire, Paul tells when this event occurred: one can assume the body was never found.)


Chris Parker, while at her parents' summer home with her family, is attacked by an unknown assailant. The man is never caught. (In Part 3, Chris tells of jasons attacking her the previous year. Based on her parents' reaction when she was found, it's clear no attempt was made to track down her assailant.)Mask


Five years after the Camp Crystal Lake massarce, Paul Holt opns a counselor training camp across from the site. The place is attacked by an unidentified man, with only one survivor. The killer is never apprehended.("Friday the 13th , Part 2")

Two days later the killer's body is found at a lake house where he has murdered 12 more people. The body is sent to the morgue and vanishes shortly thereafter.("Friday the 13th, Part 3")

The killer's dead body is found at the Jarvis residence after another spree of murders. The perpetrator is identified as the thought-dead Jason Voorhees. Twelve-year old Tommy Jarvis, recognized as Jason's killer, and his sister are the only survivors.("Friday the 13th, The Final Chapter")


Crystal Lake resident John Shepherd is killed accidently when his dock collapses while he's standing on it. His 7-year old daughter Tina blames herself and is sent to a mental hospital for treatment, where Dr. Crews takes charge of her cases.(Since the calandar seen in Part VII prologue indicates that it's Friday, October 13th, and the rest of Part VII takes place 10 years later, a perpetual calandar can be used to determine both the date and that of Part VII's main action (comparing it against that of Part VI).


Eight years after he killed Jason, a disturbed 20-year old Tommy Jarvis is sent to a mental outpatient center at Pinehurst. The murder of a resident there by another patient sparks the victim's father, Roy Burns, to go on a killing spree, using the Jason legend to cover his tracks. This is believed impossible by the town's mayor, as he's been misinformed about Jason's burial.(The mayor tells Sheriff Tucker that Jason was cremated. Since this totally contradicts Part VI, we can figure he was misinformed.)

Roy is killed in self-defense by Tommy who is one of three left alive; later Tommy kills Pam, another of the survivors and is sent to a sanitarium.(Friday the 13th, Part V: A New Beginning)(At the end of Part V, one can may assume Tommy did kill Pam and was locked away for it. His escape at the beginning of Part VI marks his return to sanity.)

1992-1997:(exact date unknown)

The town council proposes a name change, from Crystal Lake to Forest Green, in an effort to forget the area's bloody history. The motion is passed and made law, although the name of the lake itself remains the same. (Since Crystal Lake is still referred to by that name in Part V and is then called Forest Green in Part VI, we can hypothesize that the moniker was changed between the two films, though the lake itself still bears its original name in Part VII.)

Jason Lives 1997:

At age 25, Tommy Jarvis, along with fellow inmate Allen Hawes, proceeds to a cemetery to burn the body of Jason Voorhees. Tommy is later found at Camp Forest Green after a new series of murders, claiming that Jason returned to life and committed the slayings. He escapes from police custody, never to be seen again. (Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives) (Deputy Cologne mentions that it's a Friday the 13th when the film's homicides occur; since the camp is just opening, it's safe to assume that it is June. Using a perpetual calendar, the most reasonable year containing a Friday, June 13 in which film could take place is found to be this one. Part V's date can also be determined based on this deduction.) (Considering how unlikely it is that the cops would believe Jason came back to life, and the fact that Tommy is never again seen in the series, one might surmise that, after explaining the whole story, Tommy is blamed for the crimes and escapes, going underground and leaving his past with Jason behind forever. Since Jason's body is never recovered from the bottom of the lake, Tommy must not have divulged its location for fear of Jason being disturbed and rising from his watery grave.)

Psychic Girl1999:

At age 17, Tina Shepherd goes back to her old house, along with her mother and Dr. Crews, for therapy. A string of murders takes place nearby, and Tina and a young man named Nick, the only survivors, claim that Jason Voorhees was responsible. A hockey mask is found at the location and put into account. (Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood).


I Love NYAt the end of the school year, the graduating class goes on a cruise to New York City. At the dock, a boat belonging to Mr. Miller, with the bodies of his son Jim and his girlfriend Suzy Donaldson, is found. A distress call from the S.S. Lazarus to the Coast Guard is cut off. The next morning, the ship's debris is found floating several miles from New York. Two survivors from the accident are found in the city. They inform the authorities that Jason Voorhees is behind the murders and was involved in the Lazarus' destruction (Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan).

The NYPD calls in the FBI, and they begin researching the history of the Crystal Lake murders


2000:Jason in Hell

A sting operation with agent Elizabeth Marcus as a decoy, is successful in killing the person believed to be Jason Voorhees. Famed bounty hunter Creighton Duke makes an on-camera statement that Jason is in fact still alive. Later, a series of murders happen around Crystal Lake and are again credited to Jason, but no body is discovered and there are no eyewitnesses. Duke's body is found in the old Voorhee's house, and he is blamed forthe deaths. (Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday) (One can expect that the FBI didn't just suddenly jump on the Voorhees case after New York, but would determine the actual threat Jason possessed and then act.) (Since Jason was sent to hell, the body would most likely not be found, nor would Steven and Jessica bother to discuss their parts in Jason's 'real' demise to the cps. Who would believe them? Since Duke's corpse was left in the Voorhee's house, it's probably that he would be tied to the murders.)

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