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Friday the 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives

This installment starts with Tommy (Tom Matthew) still fighting his demons and  finally  wanting to put them to rest. So he and a friend head up to Jason's grave to make sure he's really dead. As they open the grave, they see Jason's corpse and Tommy decides to make sure once and for all that Jason is truly dead. Unfortunately, the metal post he puts through Jason's chest is struck by lightning and guess who  wake up cranky.

Friday the 13th, Part VI
Jason Lives

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Jason picks up right where he left off. A few years in HELL haven't made this old boy rusty at all. Tommy tries to convince the authorities that Jason lives, but everyone just thinks he crazy, except for the Sheriff's hot daughter Megan. The two team up to track Jason down and send him to the grave. Seems Jason is heads back to Camp Crystal Lake, which has been re-opened and re-named Camp Forest Green. Its a race against time as Tommy and Jason battle it out. Can Tommy put Jason back back where he belongs?? 


Friday the 13th, part VII: The New Blood

Tina remembers back to her early childhood and getting anger at her father. But poor little Tina's anger is unlike yours and mine, my friend, no Tina has psychic power and accidental drowned her father in Crystal Lake.

Friday the 13th, Part VII
The New Blood

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A few years later with Tina (Lar Park Lincoln) is all grown, she returns to the scene of the accident hoping to put to rest the demons that now haunt her. Unfortunately, lying dormant at the bottom of Crystal Lake with her father is Jason who she accidentally has brought backed to life with her telekinetic powers. Jason begins his old patrol around the camp leaving bodies along the waste side. Tina goes head to head with Jason using her powers to hang, shoot nails, electrocute, and set him on fire. At the end she is actually able to resurrect her father who drags Jason back to his watery grave, but not for long.....


Friday the 13th, Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

Another lame chapter in the "Friday the 13th" saga "Jason Takes Manhattan". Is Jason a Muppet now or what? What were the producers thinking? Don't they know that New York is far more frightening than a crazed machete-wielding killer. Even Jason would be afraid to walk the streets of NY.

Friday the 13th, Part VIII
Jason Takes Manhattan

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Jason is freed from his watery grave and hitches a ride on the "love boat"(a high school senior cruise to NY.) One by one, Jason kills off the students who have all broken those unwritten rules of surviving a horror movie. Luckily, or unluckily for us, a few students escapes and Jason must chase them through the streets of NY. It is funny to see this deranged maniac walk down the street with machete in hand and no one said a word. 

The only cool thing about this movie was the original poster that was called back by Paramount. It showed Jason knifing through the "I Love New York" logo. This is a real collectors item and I have one somewhere with Kane Hodder's autograph on it.


Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday

Let's just forget part VIII ever happened, I think the producers did. "The Final Friday" begins as a special FBI taskforce has tracked down Jason Voorhees and blows him from here to kingdom come. Is he really dead? In the words of famed serial killer bounty hunter, Creighton Duke, "I don't think so". Creighton Duke is the only man a live who knows how to get rid of Jason once and for all.

As the government attempts to do an autopsy on the remains of Jason, the coroner is possessed by Jason's spirit and a new rampage of death and destruction begin as he makes his way back to Camp Crystal Lake. One problem, Jason's spirit can stay in a person's body for only so long before it damages beyond use. So Jason is consistently jumping bodies and you never really know where he could turn up.

Jason Goes To Hell
The Final Friday

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Creigton knows what Jason's plan is, so he tries to track down Jason's only sister (Erin Gray), but he gets to her a little too late. He knows that , "through a Voorhees he was born, only through a Voorhees can he be re-born and only a Voorhees can kill him." The fun continues as Jason continues to jump bodies trying to get close to the last surviving relatives he has, his niece and her daughter. The really cool parts about this movie is that the "Necronomicon" and dagger from "Evil Dead 2" show up. The Necronomicom is founded in the Voorhees' home and the dagger is actually the weapon of choice for killing Jason. Well, Jason get re-born (its really cool how they work it) and he doesn't battle with his niece, who finally sends him back where he belongs....HELL. (well not for long....Click here to find out about the Freddy vs. Jason movie)

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