Francisco Leta-Pombo

RE: Return Of The Living Dead kicks major butt!

Caretaker, this has gotta be the best zombie film ever! I mean, hell I just purchased the soundtrack for myself and it has gotta be the best horror soundtrack I've heard in a while(I still say The Beyond's soundtrack is still better, though). In your "Return" page, you are so right about how this film is a perfect mixture of brain-chomping zombies and hardcore punk rockers. Heck, I myself am a punker....San Francisco East Bay hardcore that is!

Anyways, I really do love what you've done with "Return". You've shown it to the masses for what it really is: a true zombie movie masterpiece of the 80's. Now if only Resident Evil: The Movie would come out a bit sooner.....


Lil LoVa 7

Lil LoVa

RE: Return of the Living Dead

This movie is a classic. The first time I saw it, I was scared shitless. and when I still see it today, I'm still scared. It's funny, witty, and has a great ending. the characters are also great for this movie (burt,ernie,freddy). the soundtrack is awesome too! It is a movie that should be watched by all!!!!!

Lil LoVa 7



RE: Return Of The Living Dead

Wow now this is a great movie. I remember the first time watching this movie, I was expecting a Dawn of the Dead kind of movie, and what i got was a lot better. return of the living dead is a great movie for many reasons..its funny, scary, Linnea Quigley naked, Thom Matthews doing a great job, zombies, the punk scene, the graveyard and much more. Its a great movie.



David Flick

RE: Return of the Living Dead

This is the all time greastest horror movie ever!!!! Goverment cover-ups,zombies,Linnea Quigley,and Punk Rock!!!!!! This movie inspired me in alot of ways. The first time I saw this movie I too was scared Shitless. Me and my white Trash friends would watch this flick and go outside and play "ROTLD" canisters and all. That year I bought my first Misfits album, and a leather Jacket. I look back on it now, and I'd fit perfectly into this movie. If only I could find a girl like TRASH............245 Trioxin is out there.......

David Flick


David Banner

RE: Return of the living dead

This movie rules... I was 13 when it first aired on HBO in '86, me and a friend watched it when my parents were out and it scared the piss out of us. Linnea inspired me .....hehe... James Karen's whining was insane.. and the pick in the cadavers skull and hacksawing his head off was awesome. This movie had it all and more. 2 thumbs up!!! Let's hope there are a few more drums of 245Trioxin out there !!!!



Rebecca Davis

Return of the Living Dead

I have been watching horror movies since I was a little kid. My first horror movie was Dawn of the Dead. My dad took me to the big mall to see it. I was so scared he had to carry me out and we had to walk through the closed mall to get to the car. Anyways, Zombies are my favorite. I love them. I own most all I can get my hands on. Return is my Favorite though. I love it. There is just something about it I love. Even though it is also sort of comic, It scares me every time I watch. Thank you for you website. It is my favorite. I am always on it. Great Job.


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