Robert " Bob" Williams


RE: The Mysterious PUMPKINHEAD

As a child, I've seen alotta scary stuff on the screen. But the spookiest would have to be PUMPKINHEAD hands down. The story is brilliant, a well-known star ( Lance Henriksen ) appearing as the main character, and plenty of spine-chilling scenes. Anyone who hasn't seen this movie definitely isn't a TRUE horror fan.




Scott McGowan


RE: Pumpkinhead

I was fortunate enough to see Pumpkinhead in the theater - an empty theater, come to think of it. Just me and my drummer, another horror-movie freak. While there were a few tense moments in the film, you couldn't say it was really scary. Not like, you know, Exorcist scary. Still, I've seen that movie several times, and I never tire of it. The monster is an enduring icon (I wear horror t-shirts when on stage with my band, and somebody always comments about Pinhead or Pumpkinhead). In fact, to find a non-human type monster with this kind of identification qualities, you'd probably have to go back to the original Gillman.

And, like the Gillman, you feel pretty good about rooting for the creature in this flick - in spite of the fact that he is pure malice!

Then there's Lance Henriksen. He puts in a killer performance, plain and simple. In fact, plain and simple is just about right, for this guy is in Clint Eastwood's league when it comes to mastering minimalism. From funny moments ("... God damn yew, God DAMN yew!") to some genuine scares ( when the little boy suddenly sat up in the car and started talking, and we see how Ed Harley is really LOSIN' IT...), Lance puts forth a really memorable performance.

I think some people are a little put off by the name, and the silly portrayal of the "mountain people" who perpetuate the myth. Still this movie should be given a chance - first, second, or otherwise.





RE: Pumpkinhead

PUMKINHEAD rules! I don't understand why it's so unknown, although it would have been more popular if it had been released in the 70's when a lot of the other modern horror classics were released. One of the few horror movies I've ever seen that actually has real, raw emotion behind it, and a great monster.


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