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RE: Pet Sematary

I first saw this film with my wife when we were still dating. I did not think of it as all too scary. However, when I became a parent, I found the film terrifying due to Gage Creed dying and what Louis will do to keep his family form falling apart at the seams. My wife and I love your site because it is one of the few good horror film sites out there. when our son is old enough to watch horror films this will be one of the first that he sees. Keep up the great work.




RE: What I Thought...

Well, I don't know if this will get posted or not...for the sole reason that I didn't even finish watching this movie....but read on anyways...

This movie just plain sucked, i mean honestly, just like every other stephen king-to-movie. the books should stay as they are as movies like "It" and "tommy knockers", and "the langoliers" show. however i can only make the exception of "The Shining" which was a good movie.

Back to why i didn't finish the movie, was because it was simply boring, lame, and wasn't "scary" at all...i mean i laughed at some points. it just didn't do anything for me...thats why i quit at about 3/4 through. i know about the ending, and how it was really good, but a good ending does _not_ justify a lame plot...even the name "Gage" annoyed the hell out of me! who names their kid "Gage"?? it's like naming your son "Bolt" or something idiotic like that. I'm not saying that horror films need a reasonable plot, they absolutely do NOT, but this was just an utterly dumb and tedious plot.

so anyways, this movie didn't move me at all. i just sat there wondering how long this boring film was.

well that's what i have to say about that. care to comment, email me. im open!


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