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Having recently watched Tom Savini's remake of Night Of The Living Dead again I must say that in my opinion not only is it a great film in it's own right (whether you are a fan of the original or not) but it is so good in fact that it gives film fans hope that the word remake needn't necessarily be cause for revulsion and in fact it can be done, and as is the case with Night Of The Living Dead, even surpass the original. The fact is even after seeing it a few times now it always manages to blow me away just like it did the first time, and it has become not only my favourite of the Dead films (closely followed by Dawn Of The Dead) but I think it's the best 'zombie' flick ever..

The cast, especially the brilliant (and totally underrated) Tony Todd and stunt woman turned (quite talented) actress Patricia Tallman were nothing short of superb, the only weak link being the miscast Tom Towles rather poor (and slightly irritating) performance, while Savini's direction was superb in generating just the right atmosphere and is without fault (just imagine what the film would have been like if he had been given free reign to make it how he wanted to...). And of course as you would expect from a film bearing Tom Savini's name the fx are superb (even though not done by Savini himself), in fact they may well be the best zombies ever committed to film.

A special mention also has to go to the musical score by Paul McCollough that must surely be one of the most atmospheric, powerful scores heard in a horror film in recent years and is almost a triumph in itself.

To anyone scared about seeing this film because of their love for the original, or who thinks that the word remake means instant crap I urge you to check out this film, I know it's a cliche but I honestly believe that no true horror fan should miss seeing this one.




RE: My opinion

Personaly I loved the remake of NOTLD. Not only did it reflect the original beautifuly, but it also had changes that the fans would enjoy. I think Romero is a master when it comes to the "living dead" movies. He made each movie a diffrent situation, and at diffrent moments of the event. In my opinion, NOTLD was the start of it all. The setting was in a open land area with a low population. It showed that it was simple to defeat the dead having a large amount of people and ammo. The begining setting of Dawn of the Dead showed me how things would change in a matter of days, and the affect of it in a big city. Also taking refuge in a mall instead of a house. The ending showed a bit of hope. Now, Day of the Dead showed me the turn out of it all after around 2 months. It showed how even our stern goverment, and our scientist couldn't get us out of this one. This one of the three was my favorite. The end shows a bit of hope which I think would have been best with out.

Horror fiend forever,


P.S. Love the pics.


Josh Fobell



This remake astounded me and drove the original past the boundries...The new cast and crew not only remade the original, but brought it back to life for all of us here in the 90's. The soundtrack really drew me and I'm sure, everyone else into the drama and set the mood for the return "of the recently deceased". I applaud Romero and his sidekick for bringing us this dark and eerie look into what chaos and terror can strike a poor town out of the reach of the rest of humanity. Thank You Everyone!

Josh Fobell

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