Charles Bennett

RE: The Howling

The Howling is the greatest werewolf movie ever. My favorite part of the movie is when Eddie Quist changes into the werewolf. That transformation was a masterpiece. When I had it on tape, I kept rewinding that part. They just don't make them like that anymore! I'm also a big fan of the Howling series and I'm glad this web sight was made!




RE: The Howling

I agree that The Howling was the scariest wolf movie ever made--while An American Werewolf in London's howl is much more frightening--the effects of The Howling is awesome. I can remember staying up late in the 60's with my mother to watch Werewolf with Lon Chaney (yes, I know, my mother was sadistic in sending me to bed by myself AFTER THAT MOVIE) in the creature feature show. I was only 8 but I still remember with delicious shudder, the two legged walk when he was changing from man to beast. To this day, I think that was the most horrifying metamorphosis a child could ever see. Picture yourself in the woods, peeking in on this man changing and watching his legs come towards you. I have always been and still am hooked on horror. Thanks!



Eric Standridge

RE: The Howling

Hi, I remember going to see "The Howling" as a kid and was blown away by the special effects and scary, modern atmosphere. I think that's what got me the most. It was a modern tale of lycanthrope that I could possibly view in real life as an editorial on the local nightly news. I was hooked. Now I'm about to view this classic again on video and the small screen and can only hope it will have the same effect. I wanted to check reviews as a form of nostalgia on the internet before-hand and was glad to find your thorough site!


Eric Standridge, Horror Fan


Lee Durant

RE: The Howling (1981)

I must admit to my shame. I have been a rancid horror fan for twelve years. I am 22 now. Anything I could get my hands on! This video, while next to impossible to find for purchase here in the N.E. was located in superb condition at a video store for sale. I leapt on it based on the caretakers reviews. It sat in my video library for a year. I finally pulled it out to watch for the first time! What a shame I let it go that long! I feel that Joe Dante, while brilliant, let this movie drag for the first forty minutes or so. The real power and horror of the film weren't released until the final forty minutes or so. In my opinion it definitely did not rely on gorish overtones to succeed, rather intense plot as well as character development. This was done masterfully. Problem: if you weren't informed this is a horror flick, you would not figure it out until the afore mentioned time had elapsed. It just flows to slowly in the beginning as a crime, drama, thriller. With that aside, the effects of Rob Bottin are easily the best wolf effects ever. Still 17 years later they have yet to be compromised. (Good thing he was given his chance to shine.) He saved the film. Without dragging this out too much further, though I'd like to. Grab your patience and a cigarette and sit down to be amazed by the definitive werewolf movie.


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