Stephen Plissken

RE: The Dead Next Door

I thought the Dead Next Door was fuckin awesome. It hits the mark as a great zombie film. I made my girlfriend watch it and she was amazed at how good it was. She hates my zombie obsession . I hope J.R. Bookwalter makes a sequel to his zombie masterpiece.




RE: The dead next door.

I am going to tell you when I bought THE DEAD NEXT DOOR a year ago. It was lovely. It was sunny day in a swedeish town called Gutenburg. I was on my way to film store Melody Line hois the best film store I ever visit. They have over 7000 home video titles, its paradise. ANY time a visit I m being crazy. At the time I Had never seen THE DEAD NEXT DOOR and I hade have it in my mine to buy it for a long time. It cast 25 in dollars and its worth every penny. When I first had the film it was like a dream and when a put it in my loved video and to hear the voice of Bruce Campbell dubbed and seen all lovly violence and gore it most be magic. THE DEAD NEXT DOOR RULES FOR EVER!....


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