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RE: This movie is great!

I remember when I first saw this movie, it left a mark in my life.
George really does an excellent job with the feeling. I love movies about Zombies and out of them all this one blows (except the Night of the Living Dead) all of them away. George's work has inspired me to make horror movies that have
impact and value. Let's face it now a day's Horror isnt what it should be. Since I was little I have been Plagued with nightmares, but they dont bother me. I think of them as an adventure, especially the ones about the living dead. Due to George's work, it has given me ideas I could only dream about.Thanks George Romero for everything.

Dreaming Nightmares,
Alex King




RE: Dawn of the Dead

Among the high-budget intellectually devoid horror movies that littered the 90's like so much refuse, it's good to see someone paying homage to the 'real horror' movies of the 80's ( and in Night of the Living Deads case- even earlier). The 80's were full of a lot of crap; Reagan, disco, the A-Team, but at least the horror genre' kept it real.




Re: Dawn Rules ! ! !

To me Dawn will always be the best Living Dead epic ever made. Let me explain. Dawn had the best characters becauase we really cared about them. It had the best soundtrack [by far] from Goblin. It had the best storyline. If Romero makes a fourth Dead epic than I hope to God that he makes it like Dawn; disturbing,humorous and entertaining. I would also like to say that I recently got the Dawn director's cut on tape and its amazing. The best Dawn will ever look. On one final note,I think Dario Argento takes way to much credit for the film. It gets me mad to know that his name is tagged on the Euroversion instead of the genious behind the film George Romero! None of Argento's films could ever compare to Romeros,not even Tenebrae!


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