Marcus Schad

RE: Childīs play

Whatever you say, childīs play is one of the greatest movie through time! That includes the second and third movie! The second is the funniest and coolest! I mean, where else can you see a cute little doll swear and give you the finger! And the ending in the doll factory is awsome! Well, I just wanted to spill my guts a little, Bye!


Anthony JoeJoe

RE: The Video Dead

I consider myself very lucky to have seen this movie on video. When I was little, I remember constantly watching cheesy horror movies with my older brother very late at night. Whether it was on cable or video, we saw a lot of great horror pictures whose titles I completely forgot about!!

The Video Dead was one of them. The webmaster was right, the thing that makes this movie work is the cheesy effects. It didn't try to be a classic zombie movie, it knew what kind of a film it was so the makers obviously had fun with it.

If you rent this movie, don't expect a Romero 'like zombie film. Just rent it, and have fun!



The Galloping Gorehound

RE: Bad Taste

Possibly the last word in splatter has to be Peter Jackson's 1988 opus Bad Taste. Any film which feature vomit drinking, the top of a guy's head blasted off - leaving his chin and jaw intact, and someone getting cut IN HALF by a chainsaw has to rule.

The Galloping Gorehound



RE: Killer Klowns from Outer Space

T4: Killer Klows has got to be one of the greatest movies ever made. It is not only a very intelligent spoof of 1950's sci-fi/horror cheesefests but it is also the perfect blend of horror, comedy and sci-fi. I mean, the very idea of outer-space klowns is hillarious, much less a movie. But the director balances
everything quite well, creating a helluvan interesting and entertaining film.




RE: Peter Jackson...A brilliant director!

T4: Back in 1990, a friend of mine had stumbled across a very grainy copy of a film called Bad Taste. At the time, I had only just started watching horror,and I have to say that Peter jackson's effort has really shaped my tatses for the horror/comedy genre. I have looked forward to ever film that Peter jackson and Wingnut Films have released over the years and can onyl hope that they continue to produce fine films like they have. Thank you Peter jackson....keep up the fine work.





Wow. What a wonderfully horrible film. The bad acting and mediocre effects only make it more enjoyable and hilarious. I actually found myself side-stepping a slug on the side walk and giving it a dirty look!


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