RE: An American Werewolf In London

A.A.W.I.L. is one of my favorite movies of all time, it has a great touch to it. You don't have to be a horror fan all though it works best with horror fans like me with a craving for humorous touches. I mean I love serious horror, but their not as fun as movies like this. We have other movies like London that add comedy to horror. Child's Play series, Return Of The Living Dead, The Lost Boys, Vampire In Brooklyn, An American Werewolf In Paris and more. But they still don't have the good enough touch this film has, it just all out horror. I remember seeing it as a kid screaming and laughing, and today I have just as much fun. I would love to see this film re-released, it is one of the most favorable horror films ever. But when I ask some people if they ever saw --American Werewolf In London they say no or no, no it's Paris isn't it? So I think this movie deserves a lot of attention. This is truly a classic. We have werewolves, zombies, nightmare demons they all fit together in this mash of a horror film. The atmosphere even makes me laugh. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!


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