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This movie tells the story of three friends on their way to weekend outing in Lisbon. One of the girls gets pissed off and jumps from the train they are traveling on. Left all alone in the wild frontier of Spain she looks for shelter  and finds it in an old run down monastery. Unbeknownst to her, this is haunting grounds of the dead Knights of the Templar who have risen from their grave to seek revenge.

You see these knights are not your traditional horse riding and sword swinging types, but rather they are the undead bent on death and destruction. The rest is left to you, but you won't be disappointed by the ending.


Directed by Armando DeOssorio this is one the creepiest Zombie movies I ever seen.  It is not overly gory, but the imagery is outstanding. There were four other "Blind Dead" films made. I presently have three of the four, but haven't had the time to catch up on this series. "Tomb" has recently been remastered on laserdisc by the fine folks at Elite and on DVD and VHS by Anchor Bay.  Treat yourself to some fine Eurohorror and see what you've been missing.



The movie begins in Berlin train station as a mysterious masked man is passing out tickets for a movie premiere. As the people file in like lambs being lead to the slaughter, a cursed movie prop on display in the lobby helps to make this film more than just fantasy.

As the chilling words " They will make cemeteries their cathedrals and the cities will be your tombs" echoes across the screen , the eeriness of this strange film quickly begins to comes alive. Before they know it,  the patrons find out that the terror they are watching is taking shape around them. Murderous demons begin ripping their way through the crowd, inflicting others into their bloodthirsty ways. The struggle continues as the movie goers try to find a way out.  But will anyone survive this night of horror??? 





Directed by Lamberto Bava and produced by Dario Argento. This is an instant classic from the first time you slip into the VCR. This along with Fulci "Zombie" and "The Gates of Hell" were probably my first exposure to Italian horror. The gore and makeup effects are outstanding .



The City of the Living Dead

The gore is used so well and to the utmost effect as to drive the storyline home. When a priest has hung himself in a graveyard, he opens up the seven doorways to hell. A reporter (Christopher George) has three days to close these portal before All Saint Day or "the dead shall rise and walk the earth". Watch out for the famous drill scene. Only strong stomachs need apply. "The Beyond"(AKA "7 Doors of Death" during its original US release) is considered a sequel to "The City of the Living Dead". Click here for some great pictures from The City of the Living Deadl.


The City of the Living Dead

[Lucio Fulci]



  This movie is made by one of my all-time favorite directors, the late great Lucio Fulci. This is one of few movies that can be driven by gore (another is Fulci classic "Zombie").




Cannibal Holocaust

The storyline focuses on a documentary team that is heading into the Amazon in search of a lost tribe of cannibals. The team isn't heard from for weeks, so another anthropologist heads out in search of them. He later finds that the crew had been killed by the cannibals, but is able to recover their stock of film. He goes back to the states to do a documentary on the team and is shock at what he sees.


Directed by Ruggero Deodato. I've never been into cannibal movies if you discount the "Texas Chainsaw Massarce". I was pleasantly surprised by this film. It was very well made and wasn't overly gory. This is not to say it wasn't gory at all, no it had a lot of gore, but I was expecting a lot worse. Some people have asked if this is indeed a snuff film, because the scenes are so realistic. Well, it isn't and the only really disturbing parts of the film are the repeated acts of violence done to animals. If you watch this film, and I suggest you should, please be prepared. Otherwise, enjoy and please pass the yummy meat pies.

The story begins with theater group practicing for their upcoming play. But this isn't your average redo of "Oklahoma", no this is more like "Jason meets Cats". Oh, let not forget that murderer/actor "Irving Wallace" has escaped from a local asylum and decided to audition as the lead (HA HA) . After the murder of Irving's first victim (costume girl), the director decides to lock his cast in for a dusk-to-dawn rehearsal of a play . He wants to re-work the plot trying to exploit the murder in hopes of driving business. Not so quick Mr. Director, it seems your players are dying to leave the show.






Soavi ("Cemetery Man", and "The Church"). trained under the direction of Dario Argento and many of Argento's techniques are evident in this film. But this isn't just another case of student imitating teacher, but rather student exceeding the teacher. Soavi does an excellent job driving the tension is this exquisite gore feast. The imagery is outstandingly intermixed with the killings, taking the slasher genre to a new level.




The story tells of Robert (Daktari Lorenz), a member of a street cleaning unit, response for mopping up after major auto accidents. Robert has this strange fixation for body parts and like to bring them home. His girlfriend Betty, who is just as sick as him, get turned on by Robert's strange collection. One day Robert is giving the duties of bringing back a corpse found submerged in a lake, but instead of disposing of the carcass, he takes it home. Threesome.... corpse-style.

This new addition really ignites their sex life and the imagery is very disturbing. When "it" (i.e. the corpse) loses its "member" Robert replaces with a pipe. Wooh!!!! With one bizarre twist after another,  Robert's girl leaves him a dear John letter saying she has left with her one true love....the corpse. The ending is mind-blowing to say the least.






There isn't probably a more disgusting subject matter than necrophilia. You got to be one fucked up individual to want to have a sex with a corpse. So with all this in mind, I decided to sit down and watch "Necromantik". Being the nut I am I was prepared for the worst and hoping for it, and let me say I wasn't disappointed. I really thought as I put this tape in the VCR, that I was in for some major trash, but I was wrong. Sure the imagery and the storyline were outrages, as well as, exhilarating (but not in a sick way). J?rg Buttgereit's film challenges the soul on some obscure level. "Necromantik 2" is next on my list. Can the sickness continue, I hope so!!!!!!




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