"Deranged" tells the story of Erza Cobb (Robert Blossom) a small-time farmer who is unable to cope with his mother's death. In order to stay close to her, he digs up her corpse and takes it home. He soon realizes that his mother's corpse is in bad need of repairs, so he resorts to grave-robbing in order to rekindle her timeless beauty. Unfortunately, the results are not long lasting and the supply of corpses in the graveyard is slowly dwindling. So he resorts to an easier method to meeting his sick needs, murder.



Ever wonder what inspired Normen Bates, Leatherface, and Buffalo Bill? Well look no further, it was the one and only Ed Gein, American first media serial killer. Robert Blossom is outstanding in the role of Erza, slickly sliding into the believable shell of this macabre murderer. Tom Karr's chilling cinematography mixed with Tom Savini's genius make this the most accurate telling of the Ed Gein's legend. A low-budget horror movie that is a must see for any true horror fan.             

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