The Story

The story begins with theater group practicing for their upcoming play. But this isn't your average redo of "Oklahoma", no this is more like "Jason meets Cats". Oh, let not forget that murderer/actor "Irving Wallace" has escaped from a local asylum and decided to audition as the lead (HA HA) . After the murder of Irving's first victim (costume girl), the director decides to lock his cast in for a dusk-to-dawn rehearsal of a play . He wants to re-work the plot trying to exploit the murder in hopes of driving business. Not so quick Mr. Director, it seems your players are dying to leave the show.






Soavi ("Cemetery Man", and "The Church"). trained under the direction of Dario Argento and many of Argento's techniques are evident in this film. But this isn't just another case of student imitating teacher, but rather student exceeding the teacher. Soavi does an excellent job driving the tension is this exquisite gore feast. The imagery is outstandingly intermixed with the killings, taking the slasher genre to a new level.




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