The Dead Hate The Living

A group of  low budget filmmakers have set up shop in an abandon hospital with hopes of making a zombie flick.  Lifelong fans, director David Poe (Eric Clawson) and his bumbling special effects sidekick Paul (Brett Beardslee) are living the dream of a lifetime when they stumble upon a real dead body.  Although a bit spooked at first, the crew decides that their newest addition would be perfect for the film.  Little do they know that filmmakers shouldn't play with dead things.

When they accidentally resurrect the corpse (Matt Stephen), they unexpectedly  open the doorway to death.  Spewing out from the darkness,  Eibon unleashes his army of the dead on the land of the living.  The blood flows freely as the cast and crew  falls prey to this undead legion and no one is spared from Eibon's thirst for revenge.  The few remaining survivors realize that they must close this gate, before it is too late.

It has been a longtime since Full Moon Pictures has made a decent film. Over the last few  years, the quality of their product has fallen immensely.  I  remember doing a review  of "The Puppet Master" a little over a year ago just as Full Moon was final gearing up for a big year of horror film making.  I was kind of psyched because I have always been a fan of Full Moon's (i.e. "Subspieces", "Trancers", and "The Puppet Master"), but as the year progressed it seems like they had lost their touch.  Well, that may have all finally changed  with "The Dead Hate The Living" directed by longtime fan and first time feature director, Dave Parker.  The story, effects, soundtrack, and style are all reminiscent of Fulci's vision.  Hardcore fans will just eat up all the references to their favorite horror  films and director and with zombie flicks few and far between, this is definitely one of the better in recent memory.  Even a bullet to the head couldn't stop this rip-roaring zombie-fest. Rent this film immediately !!!!!!



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