The story centers around Gloria Davis (Lorraine De Selle), a NYU doctoral student working on her thesis "The Myth of Cannibal". She contends that the "evil white man" concocted the cannibal legend to warrant the the destruction of these South American tribes in the name of greed. So she and two of her friend heading off for the Amazon to do a little first-hand researcher.

Unfortunately for our heroes (well they are not really the heroes, I truly believe the cannibals are the  heroes of this film), they meet up with Mike (John Morghen), a sadistic coke-addict, and the fun begins. It is Mike's sadistic behavior that forces this normally friendly grubworm eating natives to revert back to their primitive cannibalistic ways. It is like that old say "once a cannibal ....always a cannibal". There's dismemberments (if you get my drift...ooch), new and unique body piercing, and the villains in the end instead of "getting their just desserts", become just dessert.


Cannibal Ferox




Touted as the most violent movie ever made and I would have a hard time disputing that. Directed by Umberto Lenzi ("Nightmare City" aka City of the Walking Dead), this gut-wrenching classic is "not" for the weak stomached. "Cannibal Ferox", along with "Cannibal Holocaust", ranks as one of the best cannibal movies ever shot. If you are against violence against animals be fore warned. But overall, this is a fun movies. It is so unbelievable that you have to laugh after tossing up your lunch. Puking has never been more fun


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