Sleepy Hollow

Early America 1799, as the new world is preparing to enter into a new century of spiritual and political freedom, life still struggles with old world ways and superstitions.  Ichabod Crane (Johnny Depp), a Constable and man of science, is sent away to investigate the mysterious deaths and decapitations of several townsfolk in the tiny farm community of Sleepy Hollow.  

Upon his arrival, Crane is confronted by the town elders who weave an eerie tale of  the "Headless Horseman" (Christopher Walken as the man, Ray Park (Darth Maul) as the headless one).  Driven to prove that the true killer is a man of flesh and blood and not one of legend, Ichabod heads out to unravel the mystery of Sleepy Hollow.  Along the way, he crosses paths with the bewitching Katrina Van Tassel (Christina Ricci) who seems  infatuated with him and offers her help. 

The plot thicken with Crane hot on the trail of the "Horseman".   One by one, the influential people of the town fall victim to the "Horseman's" blade.  Finally, Ichabod's  nightmares are revealed when he comes face to face with this unholy avenger and "HEADS  WILL ROLL". 

Sleepy Hollow


Loosely based on Washington Irving's story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow", this is easily one of the better horror films of the year. The success of this film occurs on so many levels.  First, it is beautifully directed by one of my all-time favorite directors, Tim Burton, who is making his first true venture into the world of horror.  His imagery is a atmospheric mixture of the German expressionist movement of the 1920's (i.e. "The Cabinet of Dr. Calgari", "Nosferatu", etc) and the gothic horror of Hammer at its' heights in the 60's, exquisitely executed into a cinematic masterpiece for the ages.  Another thing that really put a smile on this gore hound's face is the amount of carnage in the film.  Each decapitation is shown in gory detail and I applaud the production team for not shying away from this very  important story element.  The score by Danny Elfman, formally of Oingo-Boingo, and more recently making his name scoring films like "Army of Darkness", "Darkman", and "Beetlejuice", helped to drive the emotion of the moment.  Finally, the film is rounded out with a superior cast that not only includes Depp and Ricci, but the legendary Christopher Lee. A definite must see!!!!!!!


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