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Aug 7, 2011, 1:35 PM

What a refreshing, surprising and enjoyable little documentary this turned out to be.  Naturally you would go into a viewing like this and expect yet another retrospective featuring the same old info from the same old folks.

I AM NANCY is different though.  A quirky, light-hearted, heartfelt love letter to the fans and when it is all said and done, from the fans.

The documentary is actually a two part story.  The first half is the lovely Heather attempting to find out why or why there are no NANCY dolls, posters, action figures, etc.  It's all tongue in cheek but it brings up a good point.  Nancy was every bit as important as Freddy, without her the film would have been a shell of what it was.  Heather searches around convention floors the world over looking for NANCY memorabilia and the result is as hilarious as it is entertaining.  

After talking for a while with Robert Englund and Wes Craven Heather starts talking to the fans that stop by her table at the various conventions around the world and the result is well, amazing.

Some might be amazed that folks that dress up in masks and drip blood all over them selves and take great joy in watching others scream and get killed can have a heart but I AM NANCY reveals that heart and in a fashion that is true to the person that Heather Langenkamp is.

Overwhelmingly open and shockingly honest I AM NANCY shows the world what those of us "in the fold" have always known.  Horror fans are a special breed and once accepted in our ranks we guard and care for one another with an intensity that is well, scary.

It's refreshing to see someone take a look at genre fans and treat them with the respect and admiration that Heather does and the fans give it back to her ten fold.  The warmth that she generates radiates from her through all the crowds in all the towns she visits and the fact that she spend so much time with the folks that come to see her is kind of special.  In a time when so many so called celebrities show up at these cons and just go through the motions, fake smile, fake hello, $30 please, its great to see some one show up and actually enjoy meeting her fans.  I've seen it a thousand times, heard literally thousands of fans complain about it and it is great to see a celebrity that appreciates, no not only appreciates but embraces the fans in the manner that Heather Langenkamp does.

I AM NANCY really isn't about A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET it's about all of us who love, embrace and celebrate what A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET means to us, it's different for each and everyone of us but it's also the thing that brings us all together.

So, pick up I AM NANCY and join in celebrating our horror fandom.

I AM NANCY is available now and I highly recommend picking it up.  Just CLICK HERE and do it right now.


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