Book Review: GHOST WALK
 By Dave Dreher

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Jun 15, 2008, 8:35 pm

Keene has yet to release a book that I have not throughly and completely loved and this streak remains alive with the soon to be available GHOST WALK.

GHOST WALK returns us to the backwoods of Pennsylvania as once again the folks living around York County are about to experience a little slice of Keene genius.  Lehorn's Hollow is once again the setting and if you're a fan of Keene's work then you are no stranger to what happens in this little neck of the woods.  His previous novel DARK HOLLOW introduced us to the place and left us breathless as budding author Adam Senft and his family and neighbors battled an evil beyond comprehension.

Adam returns for this tale but not until about half way through the story.  The main thrust of the tale comes from the opening of a haunted attraction that is being constructed dangerously close to the hollow and as Halloween approaches and the veil between the worlds thins something evil is pressing through and all those attending the GHOST WALK are in danger.  Our main hero this time around is an ex Amish man named LEVI.  He senses the impending evil and works to snuff the situation before the darkness over takes all but he needs the help of Senft to make it happen and he is locked away in a mental hospital after killing his wife because she was carrying the child of the goat thing from  DARK HOLLOW.  Levi knows that everything Adam went through in the first tale is true and he also knows that Adam is the only person who can help him save mankind.

The action is fast and furious and gut wrenching.  This one, as are all of his works, is a real page turner and literally a book that once you begin it you will not be able to stop.  Grab a 12 pack, insert the catheter, make sure you're got a spare light bulb within reaching distance (just in case th one in the lamp blows) and inform your loved one or close personal friend to drop off pizza once every 12 hours and settle in.  You will not be able to work or function until you have completely consumed this one.

Keene remains at the top of his game and further solidifies his importance in the world of horror literature. 

If you haven't yet grabbed yourself up some Keene then now is the time.  GHOST WALK is available for pre-order now at or you can click here and head on over to Keene's official site where he has several other ordering options available.



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