By Dave Dreher

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Jun 8, 2008, 0:13 am

In the history of modern film there are only a handful of true icons. I don't think any of you would argue that INDIANA JONES is towards the top of that list.

As the new film has hit theaters and quickly rocketed to the top of the box office we are once again engulfed in INDYMANIA and it is the perfect time to rediscover the films that have brought us to that point.

A new box set of the original trilogy all in their Special Edition forms in now out and it is quite simply a must have addition to any true film fans collection. Granted these films are not horror films in the technical sense but if you are a fan of the genre then there is no way in hell that you are not a fan of these films.

As expected the set includes RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM and INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE. I really don't think that there is any need to go into any detail as to what these films are about but needless to say they are all 3 classics and if you don't yet have them in your collection then this is the perfect time to add them.

The price is right as well, you can own all three of the films for less than $40 and it all comes packaged in that nifty little packaging that you see on the right hand margin.

And extras out the old whazoo, check out this list:

  1. New Introductions to the films by Steven Speilberg & George Lucas.

    STORYBOARDS, unless something differs greatly from the film, I have trouble sitting through these:
    2) Snakes Alive! The Well Of Souls. - From Lost Ark
    3) Hold On To Your Hat! The Coal Mine Chase. - From Temple of Doom.
    4) The Birth Of the Action Hero! The Last Crusade Opening Scene.

    MEMORIES, modern interviews with those who worked on the films back then. These are always a little jaded for me.
    5) The Indy Trilogy, A Crystal Clear Appreciation. - The cast & crew of the new movie talk about how well they like the original three.
    6) Indy's Women Reminisce. - a reunion of Indy's main women.
    7) Indy's Friends & Enemies. - Steve, George, & the writers discuss character creation, including a look at the new movie.
    8) Creepy Crawlies. - Steve George & Frank Marshall remenisce about snakes, bugs & rats.

    BEHIND THE SCENES, new documentaries about the making of the originals:
    9) The Mystery Of The Melting Face. - a re-creation of the original special effect in "Ark".
    10) Discover Adventure On Location with Indy. - A slightly misleading title as this is also a modern day travel around the world, showing where the films were originally shot.
    11) Photo Galleries from each film.

    And then there is:
    12) LEGO Indiana Jones.- promotional demo games.

A lot of really, really good stuff and when put together with the three films it is an exhaustive journey into the Indiana Jones world.

Must have, must have, must have. What else do you need to know.

INDIANA JONES: THE ADVENTURE COLLECTION is available now everywhere.


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