One Big Smelly, Hairy Contest To Kick Off The Fright Season
 By Dave Dreher

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Oct 1, 2006, 5:1 pm

It’s finally here!  The Halloween season, man how we love it and to kick it off in grand style we have a MONSTER of a giveaway for you.

ABOMINABLE hits the street on Tues. 10/3 but you can win one for yourself right now.  All you have to do is drop me an email RIGHT HERE and make sure to include your complete  mailing address ( include the zip code) and we’ll see what we can do about getting a copy of the DVD into your hands.

We’ve got 5 copies, not one or two like some of those other sites out there so you've got a much better chance of getting one of these in your hot little hands.

I reviewed the DVD the other day, you can click here to check out how much I liked it and for those of you who just don’t pay attention, read on below for a synopsis of the film as well as what special features you’ll get when you win one of these bad boys:

It has been sighted 42,000 times in 68 countries, a vicious creature of myth and legend called Sasquatch, Yeti, and perhaps most infamously, Bigfoot. We’ve hunted it for years. But what happens when it decides to hunt us? For newly paraplegic mountain climber Preston Rogers (Matt McCoy), the horror hits home when this ravenous beast attacks a remote forest community. Will its next hot meal be a group of knucklehead hunters (including Lance Henriksen of ALIENS & Jeffrey Combs of RE-ANIMATOR), a skeptical police chief (Paul Gleason of DIE HARD), a cabin full of nubile co-eds (including Ashley Hartman of THE O.C.), or a trapped Preston himself? Rex Linn (CSI: MIAMI) and Dee Wallace-Stone (CUJO) co-star in this wild and gruesome horror shocker that Fangoria calls “the best serious fright film ever made about Bigfoot!”

Audio Commentary with Writer/ Director Ryan Schifrin, Actors Matt McCoy and Jeffrey Combs

Back to Genre: Making ABOMINABLE

Deleted And Extended Scenes

Outtakes and Bloopers

Poster & Still Gallery

Screenplay (DVD-ROM)

SHADOWS: Director Ryan Schifrin’s USC Student Film

Storyboard Gallery



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