Q10 Filler Coat 
With reasonable hiding power, can also be used as a primer for painting ceilings
Q30 Acrylic Latex Paint 
Top quality for interior and exterior, with good hiding power
F147 Acrylic Roof Tile Paint 
Ideal for rejuvenating faded roof tiles or onto metal, 
wood or bituminous roofing felts
G223 Alkali Resisting Primer 
Specifically formulated as a primer for Nos. 835, F147 and as a brick oil
U518 Aluminium Paint 
Highly reflective - suitable for steel work and roof felt
T555 Protakote (non toxic) Paint 
Suitable for water retaining structures
H815  High gloss alkyd paint 
T921 Black Bituminous Paint 
Permanently glossy, quick drying, anti-rust paint for iron and metal structures