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The Story:

Serena Stalin wanted to learn from the best. So she tracked down Butch Harlow, one of the world's most notorious serial killers, and blackmailed him into teaching her the fine art of murder. Now, as the lessons begin, as the teacher and his bloodthirsty student leave a trail of horribly mutilated victims in their wake, they are about to uncover the horrible secrets that bind them together, the unspeakable passion that forces them to kill, over and over again ...

Pictures from Bloodletting

Photos by Pete Jacelone & David A. Wagner

1997 Tempe Video & Press

Bloodletting will initially be released in a limited edition, signed and numbered by Ariuana Albright and James L. Edward. Tape will include the trailer and feature. It will be packaged in a red clamshell and duplicated on a red cassette shell and only 200 copies of this initial release will be available. Directed by Matthew Jason Walsh, and edited by J.R. Bookwalter.

Just announced the Special Edition pricing will only be good until May 1st, when "Bloodletting" cost will go up to $49.95. Order now and save $20.

I am now accepting pre-orders for Bloodletting which should be released by mid-April. The cost for is $29.95 plus $3.00 shipping. Check or money orders(US funds) should be made out to John Wheatman and sent to :

The House of Horrors

P.O. Box 230

West Chester, Pa 19380

Please e-mail me so that I might reserve your copy.

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