TBE1 Blockstick Bituminous Adhesive 
For wooden block floors
WD91 White Acrylic Adhesive (water-based) 
For pure vinyl tiles, sheeting and needle punch carpeting
Y242 Latex Carpet Adhesive 
For asbestos and needle punch carpeting
W321 Ceramic Tile Adhesive 
For easy application of ceramic tiles to plaster walls
V423 D.I Y. Contact Adhesive 
For general repairs, binding leather, laminates, wood, felt and canvas
T509 Bitumen Flooring Adhesive 
For asphalt and vinyl tiles
W1302 Cold Glue (high bond strength) 
With a quick setting time, suitable for all medium and soft woods
P2179 PVC Adhesive 
For joining pressure pipes
P2234 PVC Adhesive 
For non pressure pipes, conduit pipes and fittings